Social Media

Are You Listening to What Your Customers Are Saying? 

Social media sits at the intersection of public relations and customer management service, allowing you to send a positive message to the masses while dealing individually with unique consumer issues.

We integrate monitoring of social media conversations into a holistic care process that allows you to participate in the conversation and then build or repair relationships as needed. Most importantly, your customers enjoy a seamless experience.

Alorica’s social CRM services include monitoring, engaging, and improving social media experiences. And just as importantly, we help make this part of your organization’s ongoing customer care initiative.

Opportunity Created – Results Delivered

For a consumer electronics client our social media command center intercepted a negative Tweet from a social influencer with over 500,000 followers. Our agents engaged the individual, understood his issue and resolved it, by priority-shipping a replacement tablet. The customer tweeted about this great experience and is now a promoter and brand advocate.

On behalf of major sporting association, during significant rain delays and cancelled matches, the Alorica social media team monitored and engaged disheartened fans providing them with updates and information. They also provided the association’s marketing team with real-time intelligence and consumer sentiment analysis across the social realm.

Our Social Media Solution enables you to:

  • Learn from consumer conversations about your products and services
  • Stop reputation-damaging crises before they worsen
  • Stay abreast of your customers’ needs and concerns
  • Strengthen customer relationships and build brand loyalty
  • Enhance your online visibility
  • Enhance brand awareness
  • Educate prospects
  • Generate sales leads

Clients that trust us with their social media support include Fortune 500:

Fast food restaurant companies, Electronics firms, Sports association organizations

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