Consumer Products and Retail

Consumer Products and Retail Industry

Customer Lifecycle Solutions that Build Customer Loyalty

In a world where consumers have so many choices, achieving sustainable customer relationships is more challenging than ever before. For retailers, restaurants, consumer-based businesses, and B2B firms, building a passionate following means keeping people inspired and satisfied across the customer life cycle.

As an experienced business process outsourcing (BPO) provider in the consumer products and retail sector, Alorica delivers a suite of cost-effective outsourcing options that help you manage your customer relationships more profitably and efficiently. Our customer lifecycle solutions allow you to benefit from a closed-loop, multi-channel process that reduces costs and maximizes your return on customer investment. By turning your basic consumer interactions into valuable lifetime relationships, Alorica helps you create customers for life.

Opportunity Created – Results Delivered

We developed a shared call center environment for a quick-serve restaurant brand that resulted in over $1 million in savings over two years. By automating a web feedback process within a customer analytics database, a 50% increase in productivity was achieved. 

We saved a major retailer millions of dollars in product returns by designing and delivering a “white glove” product support program to assist customers with end-to-end electronic and appliance repairs and configurations after purchasing from the store.  

Some of our Fortune 500 consumer products and retail clients include:

  • Fast food restaurants
  • Online and in-store retailers
  • Catalog/Mail order retailers
  • Consumer products manufacturers

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