Converged (Multi-Channel) Communications

Integrate, Improve, and Create Loyalty with Your Customers' Experience 

Today’s tech-savvy customers may use a mobile phone, a PDA, a computer, a kiosk, or visit a physical store to contact a business. They may require an answer instantly, or prefer to receive it at their convenience through another channel. They may also decide to query an automated system or interact with an avatar. Regardless of how they choose to communicate, they all want accurate, timely information delivered in their medium of choice.

Your by-no-means-small challenge is to provide customer service of the highest caliber that is consistent across all channels, and to do so in a cost-effective manner.

Alorica’s integrated multi-channel customer management solutions make this a reality. Whether self-service solutions, proactive notifications, or agent-assisted solutions, Alorica infuses intelligence and personalization into every interaction to help foster customer loyalty.

Alorica’s multi-channel solutions include:

    • Click to Chat/Call
    • Web Chat
    • Co-Browse (Collaborative Browsing)
    • Web Self-Help
    • Email Response Management
    • IVR Solutions with Multilingual Speech Recognition
    • Proactive Notifications
    • SMS
    • Monitoring
    • Engagement
    • Community Management