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Every Day May Not be Good, but There is Something Good in Every Day

Nestled between Central and South America, Panama is famous for its engineering phenomenon, the Panama Canal; it’s the only place in the world where you can see the sun rise on the Pacific and set on the Atlantic; and is home to three Alorica locations – Panama West, Juan Diaz 1 and Juan Diaz 2. So why the geography history? Well our next Aloricans in Action is from here! Introducing Yorlenys Macias, Onboarding Specialist for Panama and Uruguay, located at our Juan Diaz 1 site. Read her full Q&A below.

Three Secret Ingredients to a Successful Career

Have you met Sarah Machan-De Silva? Not only is she Alorica’s Asia-Pacific Chief of Staff, she is the MLBA Philippines’ Program Administrator AND a member of the Board of Trustees for the Healthcare Information Management Association of the Philippines! We know you’re all wondering–how does Sarah do it?! What’s her secret? Sarah credits the following: Take risks, change your attitude to gratitude and build a family-like culture.

Read about Sarah’s insanely great professional journey below, and learn how you too can change the game!

Stick to It: To Lead a Team, First Be a Great Teammate

Tonya Goforth, Director of Sales Enablement, knows that leading a team starts with being a great teammate! Learn all about Tonya’s odyssey at #Alorica, and uncover why staying positive, working collaboratively and maintaining friendships makes all the difference! Read her full Q&A below.

Speak Up and Share: Every Voice Matters

Six-foot-tall Pency Smith says she can sometimes seem intimidating, especially when she’s thinking. Armed with a master’s degree in philosophy, this Director of Client Solutions uses deep analysis to uncover the root causes of an issue and to help guide her to a solution. Pency started out as an agent and has since held positions in quality, training and operations management. She believes change can be scary, but it’s also good. Read her full Q&A below.

No Limits: Always Be Open to New Opportunities

Mabel Rodriguez, SVP of Operations, doesn’t believe in boundaries. She’s built her career by striving to be the very best—and always working with a sense of urgency. Explore Mabel’s amazing 27 (and counting!) years at Alorica, and discover the importance of versatility, communication, and never limiting yourself.

Career Progression: Embracing Your Unique Journey

Have you ever asked a leader, “Any advice for someone who aspires to be in your position?” Chances are, you’ve probably gotten different replies each time—which just goes to show, there’s no one way to the top! Illustrating this point beautifully is this month’s Alorican in Action, VP of Client Solutions, Beverley Bridges.

Finding Your Own Work Passion

Matching the right people with the right opportunities—that’s the exciting prospect Karly Jandoc, Sr. Director of Talent Acquisition, embraces every day. Get Karly’s take on career path motivation and workplace mentoring, and discover what has made her six years at Alorica insanely great!

Lifelong Learning Opens the Doors of Opportunity

Cielito Merriam, Global Client Solutions Director in Longwood, Florida, calls herself a “lifelong learner,” and credits that outlook with helping her attain her goals. The key to being a lifelong learner is to also be a lifelong listener. If you’re able to really listen, you can focus on objectives and not be paralyzed by the status quo.

Be Flexible in Your Daily Role

Flexibility has played a big role in the career of Janey Sherman, Alorica’s Sr. Director, IT Client Engagement. Her background in both technology and marketing means that she’s built up experience in two areas that often don’t overlap.Armed with an understanding of different fields of expertise, she has often been asked to help out on projects that don’t fall into easy categories, and that don’t necessarily map back to her primary job function. Rather than silo herself into an “IT only” or a “marketing only” box, she thrives by taking on challenges and finding solutions across multiple teams and departments.

Going Beyond Your Comfort Zone

A favorite quote can speak volumes about a person’s mindset. Rita Saavedra Ortiz, Alorica’s Site Director in Kingston, Jamaica, says that she references this Ralph Waldo Emerson quote often: “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” Rita’s personal story certainly fulfills that mantra. She started out as an agent in 2004, moved into quality nine months later, and then switched to operations in 2011. Just a handful of months ago, in January 2018, she moved from Panama to Jamaica to take on her newest challenge at the Kingston site.

Asking Questions and Showing Results

When faced with a career opportunity, is your inclination to go for it or to question your qualifications? Having the confidence to put yourself out there, whether you have the exact matching skill set or not, is one of the best learning opportunities there is according to Sharon Leal, Alorica’s Director, Operations based in San Antonio, Texas.


Sharon did just that 18 years ago when she took a “leap of faith” and joined the BPO industry–and she hasn’t looked back since. She’s a huge believer in speaking up, asking questions, and helping others achieve career growth.

Paying it Forward

To Albertha Turner being a mentor is an integral part of her daily life. You know the concept of “paying it forward”? Well, that describes Albertha to the T.


Even though you could say that Albertha fell into the training and development field, it’s no accident that led her to her current role as VP, Operations Training at Alorica. She’s someone who truly enjoys teaching people and seeing them succeed. Read a Q&A with Albertha to learn more about this Alorican.

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