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Going Beyond Your Comfort Zone

A favorite quote can speak volumes about a person’s mindset. Rita Saavedra Ortiz, Alorica’s Site Director in Kingston, Jamaica, says that she references this Ralph Waldo Emerson quote often: “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” Rita’s personal story certainly fulfills that mantra. She started out as an agent in 2004, moved into quality nine months later, and then switched to operations in 2011. Just a handful of months ago, in January 2018, she moved from Panama to Jamaica to take on her newest challenge at the Kingston site.



Asking Questions and Showing Results

When faced with a career opportunity, is your inclination to go for it or to question your qualifications? Having the confidence to put yourself out there, whether you have the exact matching skill set or not, is one of the best learning opportunities there is according to Sharon Leal, Alorica’s Director, Operations based in San Antonio, Texas.


Sharon did just that 18 years ago when she took a “leap of faith” and joined the BPO industry–and she hasn’t looked back since. She’s a huge believer in speaking up, asking questions, and helping others achieve career growth.

Paying it Forward

To Albertha Turner being a mentor is an integral part of her daily life. You know the concept of “paying it forward”? Well, that describes Albertha to the T.


Even though you could say that Albertha fell into the training and development field, it’s no accident that led her to her current role as VP, Operations Training at Alorica. She’s someone who truly enjoys teaching people and seeing them succeed. Read a Q&A with Albertha to learn more about this Alorican.


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