Oceans away, our scale from metro to emerging cities leads the market.

24/7 support from 22 incredible locations.

With more than 38,000 employees in 22 locations and 14 years of acquired expertise, our people deliver insanely great customer experiences across a diverse set of verticals. Discover our locations in the Philippines, China and Japan—and learn why this part of the world is a hotbed of outsourcing solutions.


Our sites feature state-of-the-art facilities with on-site medical care, fitness centers and sleeping quarters. And with the investments we’re making in so many communities throughout the region, we’re not only making customers’  lives better—we’re making lives better for those in the countries we operate in.




Square feet of space


Largest provider in the Philippines


Scalable, cost-competitive
for companies looking to globalize their business


Access to leading technologies and processes within the industry’s fastest growing markets


Strategically located infrastructure lets you pinpoint operations where they make the biggest impact on your business

Closer than you think! Offshore solutions in the Philippines that still feel domestic

The Philippines is one of the most established regions for outsourcing solutions in the world, largely attributed to its cost-effective, tech-savvy and highly motivated workforce. As one of the biggest outsourcing employers in the country, Alorica has 18 sites strategically located across metro Manila and provincial regions, giving you access to a decidedly qualified, abundant workforce. Our Philippines team is highly educated; 90% of our employees have earned a college degree and have excellent English skills—perfect for providing exceptional end-to-end services for US customers across all industries.


Pictured: Manila, Philippines





Insanely Great Results from Japan

Known as the ‘Academic City’ for its concentration of colleges and universities, Japan offers a highly-skilled, highly-educated workforce. Around-the-clock services in areas such as customer care, sales, technical support and back-office processing makes Japan the ideal solution—and our location in the heart of Sendai makes it easy to stay connected.


Pictured: Sendai, Japan

Delight customers from China

China is the golden ticket for companies needing support in Asian languages. In fact, the outsourcing market in China is growing at one of the fastest paces in the world—Gartner estimates a staggering CAGR of 21.94%. Operating here offers more ways for you to dazzle and delight customers with insanely great customer experiences—in Mandarin, Korean and Japanese!


With a population of over 6 million people and more than 130 universities and vocational schools, the city of Dalian provides a highly-educated, energetic workforce to support your customers.


Tianjin is home to more than 15 million people, and is positioned as the ‘economic center of North China.’ Known for offering modern higher education and a robust public transportation system, the city supports a passionate, skilled team.


Pictured: Dalian, China


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