Offering multilingual outsourcing solutions in Europe for more than five decades.

Alorica solutions with European flair.

Alorica’s unique European outsourcing capabilities offer a combination of infrastructure access, strong connectivity and an educated talent pool with tremendous multilingual capabilities. With expertise operating in Europe since 1961, we have since nurtured a strong, tenured, in-country management team with diverse industry experience. Alorica’s size, experience and capacity allows for “hybrid” in-country and nearshore solutions, resulting in significant cost savings across Europe.


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  • Diverse expertise across a variety of industries and services
  • Tenured in-country leadership team, with management tenure averaging 8-11 years
  • Agent attrition several times lower than European competitive averages



Proximity and cultural integration with major markets in Western Europe


Cost-effective business process outsourcing solutions for in-country and European multilingual support


Geographically varied locations provide business continuity and a range of cost options

Sofia is among the world’s most attractive outsourcing destinations.

Operating in Bulgaria since 2010, the Sofia market delivers a very agile and adaptable workforce for programs of all sizes. In fact, Sofia is ranked as one of the top 10 best places for start-up businesses in the world, especially for technology. It is no surprise that we experience the region’s lowest attrition rates and can easily staff nearly 1,000 seats for steady state and seasonal needs. Sofia is a premier business process outsourcing destination for cost-effective, multilingual and highly-educated employees, including many graduates from the 22 nearby colleges and universities.


Pictured: Sofia, Bulgaria


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