Latin America & The Caribbean

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Since 1999, Alorica has differentiated itself as the premier outsourcing provider, offering scalable, cost-effective nearshore and in-country call center solutions in Latin America. Our services span all channels and industries, with clients benefiting from a broad range of geographies, languages and cost options. We continue to expand our Latin America footprint to best support our clients, currently operating across 7 countries: Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Panama and Uruguay.


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  • 17 years of experience in Latin America with a tenured, local leadership team
  • Operating in 19 locations across 7 countries, with continued market expansion
  • Current capacity of more than 12,000 seats



Cost-effective BPO and customer service solutions for clients; delivering insanely great customer support from a highly educated workforce


Geographically varied locations provide business continuity and a broad range of cost options


Physical proximity and cultural integration with the U.S., with strong English and bilingual capabilities

Nearshore: Same time zone. Same culture. Amazing ROI.

Our nearshore contact centers in Central and South America offer a cost-effective, multi-lingual service just a stone’s throw from your U.S. offices. Similar time zones, and agents who can truly relate to your North American customers makes Latin America an ideal location for delivering high quality outsourcing solutions.

Pictured: Mexico City, Mexico


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