Technical Support Services and Solutions

Delivering a high-touch, “no dead-end” support solution to any technical problem.


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Trouble-free tech support.

Dealing with technical support can sometimes be a less than enjoyable experience for your customers. Our comprehensive technical support outsourcing solutions aim to provide positive customer experiences, across the technology ownership lifecycle. Whether its pre-sales, post-sales or in- or out-of-warranty support, our product experts possess the training, tools and expertise to solve technical issues in an insanely great (and painless) way.

Experience and insights.

  • 20% of our business is focused on technical support outsourcing services
  • We house more than 1,000 of the latest devices in each of our on-site product labs
  • Alorica supports nearly every mobile and electronics device in the “connected home”
  • We maintain more than 10,000 product SKUs within each custom knowledgebase for quick troubleshooting

Actionable, data-driven insights help to refine processes and improve outcomes

Improve customer outcomes with “no dead-end” technical triage and troubleshooting support

Self-service and digital channels empower your customers and reduce call volumes

Results you can measure.

  • 20% reduction in returns for high-end electronics (some product lines as high as 40%)
  • 85% average first-call resolution rates with high-touch technical support
  • 15% reduction in phone support through improved self-service troubleshooting channels

Putting the customer at the center of it all.

  • White glove technical support provides a premium customer experience while reducing product returns, call transfers and “dead ends” in the customer journey
  • Customer Experience Transformation (CxT) services bridge online and offline customer journeys by analyzing customer behaviors and optimizing contact channels
  • “Why Customers Call” (WCC) analytics tool examines repeat callers and escalations, ultimately serving to increase customer satisfaction and save costs
  • Self-service and web-based solutions empower customers to resolve issues and reduce contact volumes

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