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Drive your brand’s success with digital, data-driven solutions.

Digital transformation services incorporate a powerful combination of analytics, technology and business expertise. Our digital experts deliver automated digital customer experience solutions that reduce costs and improve outcomes.

Customer Experience Analytics

Delivering an intelligent advantage to you and your customers

Alorica’s award-winning team of engagement consultants and data scientists arm your business with multi-dimensional, actionable insights that optimize performance and transform your customer experience.

  • Customer Experience Consulting (CxC) Services
    Our consultative team uses workshops and design thinking focused on consumer behaviors and preferences to help reduce churn and support costs, increase new customer acquisition, and improve customer outcomes.
  • Center of Analytical Excellence (CAE)
    Using statistical algorithms, Alorica’s team of data scientists focus on data mining, predictive modeling and advanced analytics to optimize processes and increase revenues internally and for our clients.

Intelligent Automation

Elevate and transform the conversation.
From Manual-to-Automated processes, the  industry has come a long way towards solving issues faster, reducing performance variability, and making the interaction between agent and customer much more enjoyable. The road to fully automated and autonomous customer service solutions is closer than you may think, with Intelligent Automation solutions like Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Robotic Desktop Automation (RDA) already deployed and transforming the ways many companies operate their businesses.


Learn more about robotic automation- and explore how to improve efficiencies, reduce delays in customer response time, and enrich interactions with customers:


Robotic Desktop Automation (RDA)

Structured data from multiple screens and systems is consolidated into a singular view, allowing agents to more easily respond to customer requests in real-time with minimal contextual awareness. With RDA, agents receive automated help in real-time that provides relevant data or solutions to resolve customer issues quickly and accurately.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Custom-built robots identify manual, unstructured data processes and complex business rules, and deliver intelligent business decisions through data analytics and machine learning algorithms in a fraction of the time and with complete accuracy.

  • Discovery Bot—If you’re going to automate, start with automation! Discovery Bot is a robotic tool that identifies the steps, procedures and assignments best suited for automation. It can help ensure your workforce spends its time efficiently, and stay focused on resolving more involved and complex customer issues.

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