Digital Services

Deliver true Customer Experience Transformation through data-driven insights, actionable intelligence and innovative technology.

Drive your brand’s success with digital, data-driven solutions.

Digital transformation services incorporate a powerful combination of technology, analytics and business expertise. Our digital customer experience solutions deliver customer insights that reduce costs and improve service outcomes, while empowering customers to communicate through their preferred channels.

Customer Experience Analytics

Delivering an intelligent advantage to you and your customers

Alorica’s award-winning team of engagement consultants and data scientists arm your business with multi-dimensional, actionable insights that optimize performance and transform your customer experience.

  • Customer Experience Transformation (CxT) Services
    Alorica’s award-winning Customer Experience Transformation (CxT) team of engagement consultants use insights into consumer behaviors and preferences to help reduce costs and improve customer outcomes.
  • Center of Analytical Excellence (CAE)
    Using statistical algorithms, Alorica’s team of data scientists focus on data mining, predictive modeling and advanced analytics to optimize processes and increase revenues internally and for our clients.



Omnichannel Solutions

Unify information between multiple systems for an exceptional customer experience across all channels

Strengthen your channel effectiveness and brand engagement, regardless of when, where and how your customers communicate—traditional channels, digital channels, self-service or automation.

  • Self-Service
    Cost-effective, self-service options simultaneously reduce call volume and drive customer satisfaction.
  • Social Care
    Turn customers into brand evangelists with social care strategies that improve customer sentiment and your bottom line.
  • Chat
    Guided service, including web chat, video chat and website co-browsing, help to deliver a positive brand experience.

Robotic Automation

Robots elevate the conversation.
Bots and automation. The movies may depict them as future enslavers of humanity, but in reality, robots are pretty darn useful when trying to solve issues faster, reduce performance variability and make the interaction between agent and customer a little more pleasant.

Learn more about two distinct types of robotic automation:

  • Robotic Desktop Automation (RDA)
    Data from multiple screens and systems is consolidated into a singular view, allowing agents to more easily respond to customer requests in real-time. With RDA, agents receive automated help in real-time that provides relevant data or solutions to resolve customer issues quickly and accurately—we call our proprietary solution the Alorica Systems Integrator®.
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
    Custom-built robots identify manual, repetitive and rules-based processes, and tackle them in a fraction of the time and with complete accuracy. Simply put, RPA is workflow automation—similar to creating a macro in Excel to repeat a task. Utilizing RPA, you can identify discrete clicks, screens, tasks and decisions that can be automated—no matter how small or simple.


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