Intelligent Automation

Automated processes and workflows with guided intelligence help agents meet—and exceed—customer expectations.

A marvelous marriage of man and machine

Intelligent automation isn’t just about technology—it’s about what technology enables our people to do. Discover the advantages of automation, and how these solutions lead to happier agents, happier clients and most importantly—happier customers.


Agents solve issues faster and handle with near-perfect accuracy


Performance variability decreases as repeatable tasks are automated


Customer experience is enhanced as agents efficiently and accurately manage complex interactions

Two unique methods for integrating automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Letting the robot take responsibility.

With RPA, custom-built robots automate manual, repetitive and rules-based processes, and tackle them in a fraction of the time and with complete accuracy.

Our solution puts an end to:

  • High volume of manual, repetitive steps
  • Inconsistent data output
  • Human errors causing compliance issues
  • Peak volume and resource challenges


Results you can measure


Annual cost savings by automating manual transactions for a telecommunications provider


Robots processed millions of transactions each year


Full-time employees moved to more complex, higher-value work functions

4-8 weeks

Time to automate a process... and realize ROI in as little as 3 months

Robots to the Rescue: A Robotic Automation Case Study

A major shipping and logistics company’s agents were spending too much time on tedious work— and it was taking them away from focusing on important tasks. We knew that the monotonous work could be automated. Enter our RPA solution!

View Case Study

Robotic Desktop Automation (RDA)

Discover a more efficient workflow.

RDA consolidates data from multiple screens into a singular view, allowing agents to more easily respond to customer requests in real-time using an enhanced, intelligent workflow. We call our proprietary solution the Alorica Systems IntegratorTM, and it is currently deployed with dozens of key clients in multiple industries.

Alorica Systems IntegratorTM solves for:

  • Multiple screens and disparate systems
  • Errors and data output variation
  • Handling and compliance issues
  • Repetitive steps and keystrokes


Results you can measure


Reduction in errors (near-perfect process handling) for an energy provider


Decrease in AHT for a telecommunications provider


Or less implementation of RDA solution for a large energy provider


Screens of data consolidated into a single agent console

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