Intelligent Automation

Robotic automation processes and workflows with guided intelligence help agents meet—and exceed—customer expectations.


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A marvelous marriage of man and machine.

Intelligent automation isn’t just about technology—it’s about what technology enables our people to do. Discover the advantages of Robotic & Cognitive Automation (R&CA), and transform you Customer Experience through process reengineering and automation.  These solutions help integrate, unify and transform processes, leading to happier agents, happier clients and most importantly—happier customers.

Agents solve issues faster and handle with near-perfect accuracy

Free up agents and significantly reduce Cost of Service delivery as repeatable tasks are automated

Customer experience is enhanced as agents efficiently and accurately manage complex interactions

Three unique methods for integrating automation.

Robotic Desktop Automation (RDA)

Discover a more efficient workflow.

RDA consolidates structured data from multiple screens into a singular view, and, with minimal contextual awareness, allows agents to more easily respond to customer requests in real-time using an enhanced, intelligent workflow.


This tool is currently deployed with dozens of key clients in multiple industries, and solves for:

  • Multiple screens and disparate systems
  • Errors and data output variation
  • Handling and compliance issues
  • Repetitive steps and keystrokes

Results you can measure.


Reduction in errors (near-perfect process handling) for an energy provider


Decrease in AHT for a telecommunications provider


Or less implementation of RDA solution for a large energy provider


Screens of data consolidated into a single agent console

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Letting the robot take responsibility.

With RPA, manual and automated bots deliver intelligent business decisions—via data analytics and machine learning algorithms—in a fraction of the time with complete accuracy.  Simply put, RPA is workflow automation—similar to creating a macro in Excel to repeat a task. Utilizing RPA, you can identify discrete clicks, screens, tasks and decisions that can be automated—no matter how small or simple.


Our solution puts an end to:

  • High volume of manual, repetitive steps
  • Inconsistent data output
  • Human errors causing compliance issues
  • Peak volume and resource challenges

But wait a second.  If you’re going to automate, shouldn’t you start with automation?  We think the answer is yes—and that’s were Discovery Bot comes in.


Our proprietary automation solution, Discovery Bot works in the background of your agents’ desktop system.  It silently collects data, and uses that information to make recommendations on which steps are best suited for automation.


Traditionally, managers would observer agents’ steps and screens, study reports, analyze surveys and otherwise manually explore opportunities to incorporate tools like Robotic Desktop Automation (RDA), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).  We think that if you’re going to automate, you should start with automation.  And that’s what Discovery Bot is all about.


Bountiful Bot Benefits

The incorporation of Discovery Bot yields instant improvements and can dramatically enhance workflow efficiency.

  • Immediate ROI from automation
  • Improved visibility into processes
  • Accelerated, automated workflow

Discovery Bot Deployment

In only one month’s time, you can effectively identify processes ripe for automation, and usher in a new era of productivity and efficiency for your team.  The processes is as follows:

  • Install Discovery bot on selected user desktops (ideally agents who typically execute the same tasks)
  • Collect desktop data for two weeks
  • Identify and review relevant processes
  • Select Process for Automation


An efficient operations begins with automation—and Discovery Bot is here to help!

Results you can measure.


Annual cost savings by automating manual transactions for a telecommunications provider


Robots processed millions of transactions each year


Full-time employees moved to more complex, higher value work functions

4-8 weeks

Time to automate a process...and realize ROI in as little as 3 months

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