Financial Investigative Services

Valuable insights that enable informed business decisions.

Make risk-taking less risky.

Taking the right risks—at the right time—defines business success. Alorica can help you mitigate the bad risks through our investigative and screening services. Our experienced investigators work closely with analysts to uncover valuable information on personal and business reputations, as well as legal histories. Built on a combination of electronic and in-person investigative processes and robust reporting capabilities, our flexible solutions keep you nimble enough to take the right risks, while protecting your company’s reputation and assets.

Experience and insights.

  • Supporting commercial real estate companies, private equity firms, investors, fund managers and more
  • 80% of financial solutions clients have partnered with Alorica for four years or more
  • PCI- and FDCPA-compliant solutions with dedicated compliance committee oversight



Grow revenue by making more informed business decisions that impact your bottom line


Cost-effective solutions focused on providing accurate, relevant information


Flexible solutions do not require a minimum number of investigations; custom reporting is designed to meet your unique needs

Putting the customer at the center of it all.

  • Background Investigation – Providing research and analysis to identify fraud, misrepresentation and undisclosed liabilities within criminal histories, bankruptcy filings, civil litigations, judgment and lien filing records
  • Asset and Liability Investigation – In-courthouse research and direct internal inquiries focused on financial solvency, current asset holdings and liabilities help you make informed credit, recovery and litigation decisions
  • Pre-employment Screening – A complete suite of pre-employment screening services to meet your HR needs, including criminal record checks, drug screening, employment and education verification, credit checks and more


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