Healthcare Customer Service Solutions

A perfect prescription of member satisfaction, compliance and cost-effectiveness keeps members happy and your bottom line healthy.


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Delivering unmatched capabilities and a unique suite of customer services across the healthcare continuum.

In today’s climate of increasing competition and cost pressures, along with regulatory and compliance complexity, you need a healthcare customer service partner who knows how to successfully navigate the landscape. Alorica can help grow your top line revenue, control costs and provide insanely great patient and member experiences.

Healthcare Payer Solutions

Exceed member expectations while increasing accuracy and sales conversions.

Our flexible solutions for healthcare payers can ramp up as enrollment demand increases, while data and analytics help us identify and eliminate pain points. And with Alorica’s fully-compliant, customer-centric customer service and call center outsourcing, you can rely on us to keep you and your members in great hands.

Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM) Solutions

Cost-effective solutions for PBMs focus on compliance, quality and scale.

Alorica works with PBMs to provide the highest levels of quality and compliance. Our licensed pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and licensed, non-dispensing pharmacies provide valuable resources that can further streamline your operations and centralize more functions, while data-driven analytics and reporting help you meet your business goals and improve member and provider experiences.

Healthcare Provider Solutions

Helping hundreds of healthcare providers control costs and deliver exceptional patient care.

Alorica oversees thousands of dedicated healthcare advocates that ensure your patients receive the care they deserve while reducing your overall costs. That’s why more than 400 healthcare providers trust Alorica to develop and deploy custom healthcare customer service, call center outsourcing and back office solutions that grow top line revenues, control expenses and provide an insanely great patient experience.

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