COVID-19 Contact Tracing & Vaccine Support

Keeping society safe starts with empathy, privacy, experience and scalability


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The Path to Public Health

COVID-19 has upended just about everything. As our country begins to take its first few cautious steps towards reopening, it’s imperative that new cases of the virus be identified and traced quickly and effectively. Efforts have already demonstrated that success can be had by merging efficient, seamless and scalable processes with an empathetic and knowledgeable workforce—two areas Alorica has spent decades developing.

Contact Tracing Support

Thanks to 20 years of healthcare and government industry experience, we’re bolstered by kindhearted people, unparalleled training programs and streamlined processes—and we’re ready to support the immediate need to ramp up U.S. contact tracing. Alorica’s infrastructure incorporates ‘privacy by design.’ We meet data security and compliance standards, while handling confidential information with discretion and professionalism. A superb track record of hiring and retaining the best talent in the industry means we will work as an extension of your team—and provide a capable and considerate contact tracing workforce.

Contact Tracing At-A-Glance

  • 100% virtual recruiting and training processes
  • Advanced hiring profiles and assessments for selecting best-fit contact tracing professionals in local markets
  • Aligned with the CDC, Johns Hopkins and local health agency training programs
  • Robust security and regulatory compliance, including HIPAA, PCI and PII
  • Emergency Response Management CRM for tracking case data and actions
  • Intelligent workflows enable timely follow-up with contacts
  • Contact notifications across multiple channels—voice, text, email, etc.
  • As a minority-owned company (MBE), we prioritize the need to build up a diverse, inclusive workforce

COVID-19 Vaccine Support

Administering the COVID-19 vaccine is a historical global undertaking. Thankfully, the work of inoculating our population has begun—and Alorica is proud to be part of this unprecedented effort. As the largest contact center services provider for North American healthcare companies, we know what it takes to get the job done. By partnering together and deploying legions of vaccine support staff, we can keep our families and communities safer and make lives better all across the country.

Vaccine Support At-A-Glance

  • 100% virtual sourcing and hiring processes focused on empathy, attention to detail and healthcare experience
  • Evaluation systems measuring vaccine support timeliness, consistency and accuracy
  • Dedicated compliance team advises on regulatory issues, audits and risk management
  • Self-service portals and digital virtual agents streamline questions and appointment bookings
  • Intelligent workflows enable timely follow-up with patients
  • Go from vaccine data to insights faster with reporting analytics

The Alorica Advantage

Speed and Scalability
We’re the largest customer experience services provider for North American healthcare companies—with 50% of Fortune 50 healthcare companies as our clients.

Leadership and Accountability
Talented, tenured leadership ensures accountability, motivates our teams and streamlines operations.

Burstable “work anywhere” flexibility  Our powerhouse workforce is built for speed-to-market and has deep experience in swiftly recruiting and ramping across markets.

An Award-Winning Culture
Taking care of the public starts with our own employees. We empower our people to conduct their work with empathy, kindness and dedication to human dignity.

This is Our Shot

Alorica is ready to leverage our talented, motivated team to help bring an end to the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work—so Americans can roll up their sleeves and get the vaccine!