Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM) Solutions

A perfect prescription of patient satisfaction, compliance and cost-effectiveness.


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Enhance the patient and provider experience.

In today’s increasingly complex climate of regulations, compliance and enrollments, pharmacy benefits managers play a critical role in reducing costs and improving the value of services offered by plan sponsors. Alorica works with PBMs to provide the highest levels of quality and compliance; our licensed, non-dispensing pharmacies provide a valuable resource that can further streamline your operations and centralize more functions, while our data-driven analytics help you meet your business goals and improve patient and provider experiences.

Pharmacy benefits manager experience and insights.

  • We oversee thousands of licensed and non-licensed healthcare professionals, including registered pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, Pharmacist in Charge (PIC), and Board of Directors with PBM Technician Certification Academy
  • Alorica serves PBM management clients from 34 sites in 2 countries, including Work-at-Home
  • We operate two (2) licensed non-dispensing pharmacies

Scalable staffing, from one of the largest and most mature healthcare footprints in the industry

Industry leader in preventing, detecting and correcting healthcare compliance issues

Data-driven insights match patient preferences with products and services they are most likely to purchase

Pharmacy benefits management results you can measure.

  • Pharmacy clerks and technicians process ~150,000 prescriptions per month, with no less than 99.8% accuracy
  • 2.5 million (on average) Medicare coverage determinations annually per client, with over 99% accuracy
  • 20 – 25% increase in enrollment sales, thanks to predictive analytics

Putting the customer at the center of it all.

  • Award-winning Customer Experience Transformation (CxT) engagement consultants help you identify and proactively address patient pain points
  • Work-at-Home solutions provide flexible staffing options for front-line healthcare advocates and registered pharmacists
  • Create a strong compliance framework for your program through best-practice training initiatives, backed by leading knowledge management applications and processes
  • Center of Analytical Excellence data scientists interpret patient demographics and behaviors for building predictive models based on likelihood to purchase

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