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Meet Lori and Genet

Meet Lori and Genet.  They’re a friendship made in Alorica heaven … but this dynamic duo didn’t exactly start off on the right foot.

Meet Gregorio

Meet Gregorio. He’s a sales agent from the Philippines. And he’s awesome.

Gregorio has proven what it’s like to push boundaries and challenge the status quo by turning his job with Alorica into a career.

Meet Our Insanely Great Leaders

We’d like to introduce you to some of Alorica’s insanely great leaders. They’re Managers, Directors and Vice Presidents … from around the globe.

Meet Christoph

We’d like to introduce you to Christoph. He’s the Vice President of Business Development – but he didn’t start there.

His passion and commitment have allowed him to move up the Alorica ranks.

Meet Shawn

Shawn makes his own pasta sauce from scratch. And it’s really good.

Meet Joo

Joo knows how to sing – and proves it.

Meet Cindy Combs and Alyssa Bacher

Two real-life Alorica heroes. #WhoIsAlorica #IAmAlorica

Inspiration in the Wake of Tragedy: Mary Knight


Mary Knight has a magnetic personality and a zest for life-even after her husband had a terrible accident at his job a couple years back…

Diving in Head First: Victor Jarava


How does a 19-year-old, who started as an Order Verification Agent, end up being Alorica’s Director of Security Operations for all of Latin America?

The Heart of a Survivor: Tawanda Wardlaw


Last July Tawanda’s life took a sudden turn when she was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer and decided to write about it on Facebook…

Meet Justin.

He’s an actor, he likes T. Swift, and he’s awesome! #WhoisAlorica

A Passion for Compassion: Ismael Cosio

Ismael Cosio

Before working at Alorica Ismael Cosio worked as a social worker on the rough streets of Columbia…

Meet Anthony.

He’s from Omaha, he has moves and when he was little he wore a rat tail. #WhoisAlorica

EARN-ing Her Way to the Top: Sakeria Coffey


Three years ago, Sakeria Coffey was going through a rather tough time. But in April of 2016, she entered the doors of the EARN program (Employment, Advancement and Retention Network), which offers a range of employment and training services to economically disadvantaged citizens. One month later, she was working as an agent for Alorica’s Green Tree site in Pennsylvania…

Meet Kaii.

She likes Johnny Depp, and she marches to the beat of her own drum. #WhoisAlorica

Meet the team.





The good news keeps coming and this time, it’s our Clovis and India sites that are shattering the status quo! The teams shifted into overdrive to move as many employees as possible to a work-at-home environment. Leadership, Operations/Team Managers and IT Specialists joined together to ensure computers were work-at-home ready, and by working around the clock, Clovis transitioned more than 250 Aloricans to work-at-home and India migrated 235! Thank you for thinking outside of the box, Team Clovis and Team India! #alorica
Another day, another story filled with passion, performance and what one might have thought IMPOSSIBLE! Get this—the entire Austin site has converted to a Work-at-Home environment! Starting last Sunday, Sr. Site Director Tony Piñon, his management team and the client were on-site getting systems ready. The team then spent all of Monday and Tuesday deploying the 450 production, ABAY and support staff into the at-home environment. Tony shared that the tremendous achievement wouldn’t have been possible without everyone rising to the occasion—including the entire Austin management team, all the incredible agents, corporate partners and executive leadership. But truly—Tony’s efforts were a cut above. Everyone shared that none of this could have happened without his tireless determination and attention to detail. Way to go, Tony—and way to crush it, Austin! #alorica
More good news for you today—this time from our Honduras site! As they were just starting to celebrate a partnership with a brand-new client, the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 threatened to bring business to a halt. But—our team snapped into action and immediately started testing remote access by sending an agent home to log-in. When that worked, they mobilized a few more agents, and once they were confident in the solution, they contacted the client to share the good news. The client was incredibly impressed with their proactive resolution, and together they put the rest of the pieces into place. Site leadership determined which agents in the site met the requirements to work from home, launched training for the eligible employees (two weeks early, in fact!), and transitioned 50 employees to Work-from-Home. What an insanely great accomplishment! Thank you, Team Honduras! #alorica
The past few weeks have been tough. While we find ourselves navigating the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on our daily lives, our communities and our business, I’m in awe of how in times of difficulty, the human spirit shines bright. This spirit is something we will want to bring forward with us and not lose when we get to the other side.
I am so proud of our organization. In the face of what is, I hope, a once-in-a-lifetime challenge of epic portions, you have stayed calm and thoughtful. You’ve demonstrated compassion and teamwork. Sacrificed time with family and loved ones to take care of each other. You continue to provide essential support on behalf of our clients (access to health care, groceries and food deliveries, financial services, etc.) especially in this time of need.
When you break down what we are doing together, you realize we are making the impossible, possible. We are quickly moving thousands of you to be able to work from home, while keeping those at our sites safe and healthy. And we’re making it all happen in a period of days and weeks, rather than years.
With that, I humbly say THANK YOU. I’m truly grateful for each and every one of you – for being patient, flexible and understanding. As we work together to solve one of the most complex and challenging events that our company, our industry and the world has ever faced, your sacrifices have not gone unnoticed.
Please keep taking care of your health, your family and loved ones and again, thank you for all that you have done and continue to do.
While we continue to get team members set up to work from home, we have an incredible story to share from our Newport News site! After quickly surveying their entire team to confirm who meets the technology requirements to work remotely, site leaders made it happen in record time—and transitioned more than 120 employees in just a couple days! And they’re not stopping there—400 more employees are expecting to start working at home by the end of this week. Way to go, Newport News! #alorica
At #Alorica, we’re committed to making lives better—and in that spirit, we’re helping provide jobs during this time of insecurity and doubt. We have thousands of Work-at-Home opportunities available immediately—to learn more and apply, visit www.AloricaAtHome.com!
#coronavirushiring #nowhiring
As a global company, we are all experiencing the impact of COVID-19 in one way or another. We will keep updating you as we adjust to the rapid changes, but this note in the meantime is simply to say thank you.
The work we do is more urgent and meaningful now than ever before. We are servicing accounts that meet essential needs during this time—in healthcare (ensuring people have access to medical attention), food and supplies (online grocery and delivery services), telecommunications (keeping people in touch with loved ones), as well as transportation, banking/credit cards and logistics—just to name a few.
Your work truly matters—and you matter to us. You’re looking after others’ needs, but we promise to keep doing our best to look after you. We have a global team of leaders who are working around the clock to ensure your health and safety at work. In addition to the heightened cleaning protocols and security measures, we are aggressively looking into work-at-home and social distancing options wherever and however possible. As you can imagine, every site, community and country we operate in is experiencing unique challenges—and we are giving it our all during these unprecedented times to come up with the right solutions as quickly as possible to make sure you are okay.
We know times are tough right now. But together we are tougher—and we will get through this!
The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing all of us to accept some "new normals" - among them being the way we greet one another. While handshakes and hugs are the standard, it's important that we refrain from these for now in order to slow the spread of the virus. Here are some alternatives* to consider:
- the "wave"
- the "Spock"
- the "peace"
- the "nod"
- the "Fonz" *Please note: The moving mannequins in the boomerangs shown were not placed according to social distancing rules. Please make sure to maintain your distance when greeting each other!
As we learn every hour about more closures—schools, events, restaurants and even public transportation across the globe, I am sure many of you want to know what this means for businesses like Alorica. We want you informed on the actions we are taking to keep us all safe while things continue to evolve.

We are committed to serving our clients even more so during these challenging times. I know many of you are concerned that we might be closing our offices too. Currently, the BPO industry is navigating unprecedented situations and while many of our locations are exempt from enhanced quarantines, our Manila sites are being encouraged by the local government to work from home and provide flexible work conditions. Like most of our industry peers in Manila, we are shifting to reduced office presence and at the same time, we are aggressively exploring work at home options wherever possible. Many of you participated in our survey to see if you had the technology and home environment to support this. We are working actively with our clients to see which programs can support remote work.

For the offices that remain open, our top priority is your safety and well-being. We are continuing to follow our enhanced cleaning protocols, focusing on high-traffic areas, which includes housekeeping disinfecting high-touch areas (elevator buttons, door handles, etc.) every 30 minutes as well as using specialized cleaning products to keep us all safe. In addition, we are adjusting workstations to provide more distance wherever possible to have employees avoid sitting in adjacent seats.

Stay tuned as we continue to update you as we learn of new developments and come up with the best solutions we can during these uncertain times. Your regional leaders will be keeping you up to date on the latest as well as messages like these. Thank you for your commitment, understanding and patience as we carry on together.
We care about our employees and communities—so here are some helpful tips to protect yourself and your family. Please visit www.who.int for up-to-date information and tips. Stay safe and healthy! #alorica
Today, we cheer on all the amazing women of the world! #EachForEqual #InternationalWomensDay

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