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100,000 employees with  thousands  of work-at-home agents  and growing. We’re a company powered by our people—all dedicated to helping people and solving problems, and all unique, distinctive and utterly, insanely great.

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It takes a lot to be insanely great.


But that’s what we strive to be, each and every day. It’s how we deliver on our vision of making lives better…one interaction at a time. And its why we do everything we can to support the team—from providing growth opportunities and tuition reimbursement to giving back to the community.


Because when the team is at its best, the company is at its best.
And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Meet Lori and Genet

Meet Lori and Genet.  They’re a friendship made in Alorica heaven … but this dynamic duo didn’t exactly start off on the right foot.

Meet Gregorio

Meet Gregorio. He’s a sales agent from the Philippines. And he’s awesome.

Gregorio has proven what it’s like to push boundaries and challenge the status quo by turning his job with Alorica into a career.

Meet Our Insanely Great Leaders

We’d like to introduce you to some of Alorica’s insanely great leaders. They’re Managers, Directors and Vice Presidents … from around the globe.

Meet Shawn

Shawn makes his own pasta sauce from scratch. And it’s really good.

Meet Joo

Joo knows how to sing – and proves it.

Meet Cindy Combs and Alyssa Bacher

Two real-life Alorica heroes. #WhoIsAlorica #IAmAlorica

Inspiration in the Wake of Tragedy: Mary Knight


Mary Knight has a magnetic personality and a zest for life-even after her husband had a terrible accident at his job a couple years back…

Diving in Head First: Victor Jarava


How does a 19-year-old, who started as an Order Verification Agent, end up being Alorica’s Director of Security Operations for all of Latin America?

The Heart of a Survivor: Tawanda Wardlaw


Last July Tawanda’s life took a sudden turn when she was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer and decided to write about it on Facebook…

Meet Justin.

He’s an actor, he likes T. Swift, and he’s awesome! #WhoisAlorica

A Passion for Compassion: Ismael Cosio

Ismael Cosio

Before working at Alorica Ismael Cosio worked as a social worker on the rough streets of Columbia…

Meet Anthony.

He’s from Omaha, he has moves and when he was little he wore a rat tail. #WhoisAlorica

Meet Kaii.

She likes Johnny Depp, and she marches to the beat of her own drum. #WhoisAlorica

Meet the team.





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