Home is where the heart—and a scalable, flexible, virtual workforce—is.

Deploy the best talent in the world, from wherever they happen to live.

Thanks to high-speed connectivity and virtual training, it’s possible today to rapidly deploy the most qualified talent right from their own homes. Work-at-Home call center agents help reduce overhead costs while boosting customer satisfaction and enhancing your bottom line.


Scale up or scale down operations at a moment’s notice—our industry-leading virtual workforce is always ready to support your program-specific, seasonal, and year-round customer needs.


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  • 15 years’ experience providing virtual call center service and solutions
  • Thousands of virtual employees across the US and Canada
  • 22 points of security and compliant with PCI and SOX industry standards
  • 100% virtual, hub-and-spoke or hybrid outsourcing solutions



The industry’s most sophisticated and reliable technology powers an unmatched Work-at-Home agent infrastructure


Peace of mind with PCI-compliant, 22-point security platform at the agent, desktop and system level


Burstable staffing can go dark and light up again by the hour, leveraging thousands of at-home employees


More virtual workforce staffing flexibility, as compared to brick and mortar contact centers


Reduced on-boarding time, thanks to virtual hiring, training and unlimited "classroom" space


Increase of at-home staff within 3 hours' notice for on-demand business continuity

All About the Agents

A leading provider of financial services was preparing to launch its first coalition loyalty rewards program—and was unsure about what to expect.

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calls processed within the first six weeks of program launch
conversion rates for loyalty program enrollments
or higher service level expectations, even during volume spikes

Putting the customer at the center of it all.


SpectrumTM proprietary workforce management system delivers unique, real-time scheduling flexibility, empowering Work-at-Home agents to plan and manage their own schedules


Work-at-Home agents prove to be invaluable candidates for customer care and revenue generation positions, working more effectively, nimbly and cost-efficiently—without the commute


Rapidly expand headcount for brief periods of time; supplement peak times of the day or a peak season—without adding cost to operations


Extend your network of healthcare professionals and registered pharmacists, regardless of their geographic location, in a fully-compliant virtual environment

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