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AI Chatbots Are Taking Over Everyday Tasks—Here's What You'll Want to Know

Published on February 17, 2023

Reposted from Lifewire. Authored by Sascha Brodsky | Reporter

Chatbots are heading to an office near you, and experts say it's getting more challenging than ever to tell if you are communicating with a real person. 

Microsoft is rolling out a new messaging function powered by the AI chatbot technology ChatGPT. The $7 per month add-on service will generate automatic meeting notes, recommend tasks and help create meeting templates for Teams users. The Microsoft feature is one of a growing number of AI chatbots in the workplace.

The Challenges of AI Co-Workers

As handy as AI-driven chatbots may be, there are a host of privacy and other factors to consider as the technology enters the workplace. 

One risky scenario is cybercriminals and threat actors could use chatbots in nefarious ways, Greig Arnold, Chief Information and Security Officer at Alorica, pointed out in an email. "The expansion of 'hacking' company chatbots to steal personal and financial information will be a growing concern and a security measure brands will have to focus on to ensure safety and privacy when used," he added. 

Would you want to know if the co-worker you are communicating with is a bot? It's getting harder to tell, Arnold said. "It was easy to spot them in the early days, as they couldn't follow natural language," he added. "Now, given the sophisticated advances the technology has made, it can take a while before a user is aware they are talking to a chatbot and not a person. This will only get more challenging as chatbots continue to evolve and the more advanced the 'trainers/programmers' are."

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