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Welcome to Alorica!

At Alorica, working from home doesn’t mean working alone—we’ve got your back!
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Save your packing materials, and keep them in a safe place—in case you need to return the enclosed equipment.


Set up your equipment using the following Desktop@Home Toolkit and demo videos below—they contain everything you need to know about getting up and running. Please view the demo videos that match your set-up based on the picture (desktop vs. thin client).

STEP #3 Review the Welcome Email with your Journey Map, and get ready for Stage 3: Get Connected!

At NO time will Alorica ask for $$$ prior to you starting with us. 

Be aware of scammers out there. Alorica does withhold a deposit when we ship computers to our employees.  This deposit is promptly returned upon receipt of returned equipment.


Alorica Inc. (“Alorica”) is the holding company of various direct and indirect subsidiaries, including Systems & Services Technologies, Inc. (SST). Many of Alorica Inc.’s subsidiaries operate under the brand, Alorica, but all remain separate legal entities.