Our Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Being insanely great starts with being exceptionally responsible.


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Alorica’s Commitment to CSR

Doing the right thing and taking care of one another is an integral part of who we are—and we live up to these mandates through charitable giving, engaging social impact and environmental sustainability.


Alorica was built on three P’s—Passion, Performance and Possibilities. But when it comes to CSR, we focus on another three: Philanthropy, People and Planet.


Discover the Giving Side of Alorica

There is a certain joy that comes from giving to others—and it’s a happiness felt by our team around the globe.

Aloricans take pride in serving their communities.

We only partner with other registered non-profits—because transparency and integrity matter.

Often being first responders, Chapters distribute funds and supplies during a crisis.

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Be Part of Making Lives Better!

We invite you to partner with us and one of our nearly 90 chapters around the world to make lives better, improve communities and build futures. Get involved or learn more by visiting livesbetter.org or email info@livesbetter.org.


Our People are Everything

Through a variety of tools and programs, we’re building tomorrow’s leaders today.

Alorica is a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE).

Our participation in the Global Impact Sourcing Coalition reflects our responsibility to the communities in which we operate.

Alorica is dedicated to accommodating individuals with disabilities


We proudly support our veterans, their spouses and families through programs focused on education assistance, leadership training and career development.



Earth is All We Have – There is No Plan(et) B


  • SUSTAINABILITY – We prohibit practices that harm ecosystems by looking for ways to minimize the use of natural resources and maintaining recycling programs.


  • CARBON FOOTPRINT – We adhere to strict heating, cooling and electricity-consumption targets, and have established a Work-at-Home program of 3,000+ employees, reducing carbon emissions by nearly 10,000 metric tons per year.


  • WASTE – We make sure to keep bleach, plastics and other harmful products out of landfills, and partner with specialized vendors to properly recycle e-waste.

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Alorica’s commitment to CSR is steadfast—and we have so much more planned for the future.
To learn more, reach out to Sunny—our bona fide ray of happiness—at Sunny.Yu@alorica.com.