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A Multifaceted Approach is the Only Way to Succeed in the Multiverse of Customer Journeys

Authored By: Merlyn Kulkarni | Senior Director and Global Practice Lead for Analytics, Alorica IQ

The customer journey is like a diamond—multifaceted and requires careful examination to see its unique properties. Holistically analyzing the multidimensional layers of the full customer experience (channels, customer sentiment, feedback, Average Hold Time (AHT), contact drivers, NPS, and the list goes on) is no easy feat, but it’s the only way to leverage digital solutions effectively to transform customer interactions now and into the future. To meet customers’ high expectations, brands must focus on making CX more connected, faster, easier, and just…better.    

Data and automation are attractive resources—even essential—in enhancing CX. But to deliver true ROI from outcome-based technology solutions that address priority pain points, it is critical to not fall for these two assumptions:   

1. Data analytics platforms are a crystal ball  

While data plays a crucial role in CX, relying solely on a data analytics platform falls short in addressing the intricate and nuanced aspects of the customer journey. You must connect the dots and thread the data points together. Oftentimes we see businesses focusing on the NPS (Net Promoter Score) data independent of other metrics such as contact driver, repeat contact reason, unsatisfactory resolution, and time spent on the interaction. Taking all these factors into account gives the true story behind the NPS and exposes gaps in the process. For example, we recently helped one of our retail clients improve their Customer Effort Score (CES) by 4% by discovering that the virtual assistant was unable to manage product exchange queries. To accomplish this, we had to analyze several factors including Total Handling Time—the time handled by a virtual assistant plus the agent—along with how many times calls were redirected.    

2. Automating ‘everything’ always yields results 

From our experience, 75%+ of organizations start digital CXM journeys by automating basic and repetitive tasks, but this process must be optimally orchestrated by experts who understand which data points can be monetized and which ones reveal the problem areas throughout the journey. As processes are dynamic and shift in performance, automation must be scalable enough to test new variables. If you don’t find the answers within the dataset or it’s not impactful, then you may have left out a key dimension (metric) hidden somewhere else, and all you’re seeing are the effects on the customer experience, not the root cause. For example, often in the banking industry, the top call driver is ‘Balance Query,’ and we are quick to auto tag all these queries. Trying to understand how NPS scores relate to this call driver is a futile exercise. Usually ‘Balance Queries’ are just conversation starters in a phone banking environment. Speech/text mining tools help discover the true reasons for the call and relating NPS scores to those secondary, tertiary call reasons is important to identify.   

Every interaction tells a unique story about the customer’s preferences, experiences, and expectations. How brands comprehend each story and then personalize that CX journey accordingly will make a huge impact on customer satisfaction, sales, loyalty, and brand equity. But what it takes is the right experts balancing data, analytics, and digital solutions like what we do at Alorica IQ—a digital foundry empowered by a team of CX architects and engineers to ensure insanely great customer interactions…every single time.   

As a result of Alorica’s comprehensive approach, award-winning analytics and process enhancements here are a few recent outcomes delivered for clients:   

  • $3M increase in sales revenue  

  • $1.6M average annual savings  

  • 44% improvement in compliance  

  • 29% improvement in AHT 





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