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Alorica successfully collaborated with OHSU to improve the patient experience through combined hospital and physician billing. In the end, OHSU achieved a 94%+ patient satisfaction rate.



  • Combine billings for hospital and physician

  • Address billing workflow issues

  • Align OHSU mission and values with customer service responses

  • Improve and simplify patient experience


  • 94% patient satisfaction rate achieved

  • Workflow automation

  • Stabilized Accounts Receivable and bad reserve debt

  • 64% physician billing liquidation rates

  • 49% hospital billing liquidation rates

Deeply committed to providing excellent patient care, OHSU stands out as a leader in the healthcare industry. As part of their commitment to the patient experience, OHSU sought to simplify patient billing by combining hospital and physician charges into a single, streamlined statement. To launch their vision, OHSU selected state-of-the-art Electronic Health Record (EHR) technology from EPIC software.  


Unified, Rapid Response Stabilizes A/R and Improves Workflow Processes. By aligning talent from both sides, OHSU and Alorica worked together to correct the impeding issues, and successfully completed the conversion to EPIC. We further assisted by developing enhancements to the EPIC interface that helped maximize efficiencies and create “safety nets”—these safety nets, including exception reporting, identified accounts that were not moving through the self-pay workflow as expected and created a more stable environment.  

Enhancements included:

  • Workflow Automation
    That used EPIC data fields to support outbound call campaigns and end-of-lifecycle timelines based on patient billing levels and statement dates.
  • Reconciliation Automation
    That allowed recognition of returned mail, payment plans and statement suppression to ensure workflows were functioning correctly.

  • Post-conversion clean-up
    With Alorica resources strategically placed to accelerate recoveries and reduce A/R days.

  • Transparent Reporting and Business Intelligence
    Provided regular updates to OHSU on where payments were in the lifecycle, as well as helped forecast future revenue recovery rates; bad debt forecasting provided the road map to timelines needed to communicate stabilization of the post-conversion clean-up.

  • Predictive Analytics
    Better identified a patient’s propensity to pay, and further customized outbound efforts to improve liquidation results and patient satisfaction.

Continued Efforts Further Improve Patient Experience and Workflow Processes:
OHSU and Alorica continue to apply thought leadership to improving the patient experience through quarterly business intelligence reviews. So far, these efforts involve:  

  • Patient Satisfaction Surveys To gather feedback and provide further insights into improving the combined hospital/physician billing statements and overall patient satisfaction.

  • Scripting Modifications For our customer service representatives and IVR messages to further align and project the OHSU mission and values  


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