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Team Be Nimble, Team Be Quick


Last-minute changes to the scope loomed menacingly, but by hiring specialty coaches, enlisting additional expert resources and reducing unnecessary service dispatches, a major communications provider saved millions of dollars while observing a significant uptick in customer satisfaction.  


  • Manage last-minute changes to program launch scope

  • Improve Voice of the Customer performance

  • Reduce expensive and unnecessary non-qualified service dispatches


  • Achieved highest Voice of the Customer scores by an Outsourcer

  • Voice of the Customer scores outperformed internal domestic centers

  • Met Glide Path Goals, even with last-minute changes to scope

  • Saved millions of dollars with service dispatch reduction

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When the Scope Flew Out the Window, We Swooped Into Action.

A major communications provider partnered with Alorica to create an inbound customer service program for billing and general inquiries. All was going smoothly, but two weeks prior to the end of new-hire training, the scope of work shifted. Alorica was tasked to focus instead on troubleshooting and technical support, in order to help reduce unnecessary service dispatches. And then, one week after the launch, the scope increased to include upselling of ancillary products/services.  

Good thing we’re all about overcoming adversity  

Sometimes, You Need Reinforcements.

Changes to the scope required us to make significant investments in additional coaching and leadership resources.

• Sales-After-Service Coaches who specialize in Alorica’s solutions-based selling methodology were assigned to assist agents with selling on service calls.  

• Business Intelligence Analysts were hired to review call recordings and compare time spent in the interactive troubleshooting guide, pages visited, and systems accessed for specific calls that resulted in non-qualified tech dispatch; the findings were forwarded with suggested coaching methods to reduce the number of costly and unnecessary service dispatches.  

• Voice of the Customer Coaches specializing in VOC solutions for detractors were assigned to work with agents having challenges with specific customer dissatisfaction categories  

And Sometimes, You Need Added Bench Strength.
It was critical to ensure that growth did not come at the expense of performance, so Alorica made bench strength investments by enhancing Leadership Development and Succession Planning.  

Early leadership assessments of all agents helped workforce planning understand the potential bench strength available for ramps  

Financial incentives encouraged agents to enroll in Alorica’s “clear path” program for leadership development and leadership certifications  

Systematic succession planning established that managers would be eligible for promotion only when at least two of their subordinates were certified for promotion  

Peer-to-Peer “Buddy System” was founded, where each role, function and manager were paired up with a high-performing manager within the client’s internal contact centers  

Alorica drove ticket quality and ultimately minimized the expense of dispatching to the client’s customers who truly required a service truck, by implementing a Ticket Quality Management group.  

• We hired Ticket Quality Managers as business intelligence analysts to audit calls and systems, identify outliers and coach for improvements for non-qualified dispatches  

Pre-dispatch auditing identified Non-Qualified Dispatches prior to our client incurring the expense, by reviewing call recordings and comparing time spent in the interactive troubleshooting guide, pages visited, and systems accessed for specific calls that resulted in non-qualified tech dispatch
Outlier identification of the individual team (and site where the non-qualified dispatch originated) was gathered and analyzed
Outlier coaching was conducted to improve behaviors and avoid future non-qualified dispatches  

Being Nimble and Staying Committed—That’s how We Earn a Win.

The ability to react quickly to change played a major part in finding success with (and for) our client. Thanks to significant investment in additional coaching and leadership resources, our partnership with the client helped to:  

• Exceed performance targets during and after launch

• Drive improvements to service ticket quality

• Minimize the expense of dispatching to customers …talk about an insanely great ending.

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