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The Five Keys Of Content Moderation

By Holly Hanak-Weaver

Not all content is king. Explore why moderation matters—and how to succeed at it.  

Content Moderation—the practice of screening, approving or removing user-generated content based on pre-determined guidelines—is an essential component of the social media landscape. Ever since 2004—when Facebook burst onto the scene—3.5 billion people have begun sharing content. Today, 90% of Millennials, more than 75% of Gen X-ers and nearly half of the Baby Boomer population are active users—and spend upwards of three hours daily messaging on social networks.1  

But 2020 (as if you haven’t noticed) is different. With the COVID-19 pandemic, Black Lives Matter movement and the U.S. election, engagement is up 61% over normal; Twitter is seeing 23% more daily users than a year ago and subject matter on Facebook and Instagram has increased 50% in countries hit hardest by the illness.2

A Seismic Shift Meets a Clear and Present Danger.

Passionate people around the world are taking to social media to share opinions and argue talking points in numbers never before seen. And unfortunately, explicit content, misleading information, deepfake videos and conspiracy theories are proliferating. Such material erodes trust and confidence in our country’s (and indeed the world’s) most critical institutions—and puts individuals, brands and even established traditions at risk.  

So what do you do to counter a growing digital threat?
You deploy a human shield—and you select a partner who understands how to get the job done.  

Five Keys to Consider

Deploying successful content moderation is no small task—and it’s critical to get it right. Here are five criteria to keep in mind when selecting a moderation partner:  

    Scalability Your partner must be able to support rapid ramps and manage an increasing amount of published content. Choose one with a history of bringing programs online swiftly and effectively.  

    Experience You don’t want to partner with someone at their first rodeo. Look for a group that has the requisite expertise to hire and onboard a top-notch workforce, and deploys the right kinds of safety protocols to protect their people and the content itself.  

    Innovation AI certainly plays a significant role in the content moderation space—but it’s at its best when paired with people. Remember—it’s not about what the technology can do, but what it enables your people to do.  

    Talent & Training What makes a great moderator? How can he or she best be trained and supported? Choosing the right partner ensures your teams are built to succeed, and receive the ongoing coaching they need.  

    Wellness Your moderators could be subjected to potentially offensive and disturbing content—and it could affect them in a negative manner. It’s critical to provide your team with the proper support; programs like on-site therapy, resiliency classes, mood tools and physical activities (such as yoga) keep your workforce fresh and ready to tackle the task at hand and provide a distraction to the actual content.  

We’re In This Together.

While the world is more connected than ever, our interlocked societies struggle with bad actors who sully digital message boards with vitriol, manipulation and lies. Major platforms like Twitter and Facebook have recently stepped up activities to curtail the spread of misleading information, but free-speech arguments are quick to emerge—and the moderation landscape is seemingly evolving on a daily basis.  

Like it or not, social media has become the media—and though journalists possess credentials, everyday citizens do not. So, it’s imperative that we prioritize moderation efforts and empower our people to safeguard online interests.  

At the end of the day, the content is here—and moderation is there to meet it.
Are you ready?  

To learn more visit our Content Moderation solutions page to see how Alorica can help you create Trust & Safety centers of excellence within your business.  

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