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Alorica ReVoLT Wins 2024 Artificial Intelligence Breakthrough Award for Best AI-based Solution for Customer Service

Published on June 26, 2024
Reputable International Awards Program Recognizes Alorica for Its First-of-its-Kind Real-Time Voice Language Translation Technology 

IRVINE, Calif., June 26, 2024 – Alorica Inc., a trusted global customer experience (CX) leader, today announced that Alorica ReVoLT (Real-time Voice Language Translation) received the 2024 Best AI-based Solution for Customer Service award in the annual AI Breakthrough Awards program by AI Breakthrough, a leading market intelligence organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies and products in the global Artificial Intelligence (AI) market today. The AI Breakthrough Awards honors excellence and recognizes innovation, hard work and success in a range of AI and machine learning related categories, including Generative AI, Computer Vision, AIOps, Deep Learning, Robotics, Natural Language Processing, industry specific AI applications and many more. This year’s program attracted more than 5,000 nominations from over 20 different countries throughout the world.

Alorica ReVoLT is the main attraction of Alorica Clear – an AI-powered solution suite that eliminates friction in multilingual CX across digital and voice channels. It provides bi-directional, real-time voice translation, grammar correction and transcription for 75 languages and 200 dialects. This solution has already demonstrated strong initial results, having been successfully deployed for several large-scale live events and webinars, achieving one million minutes of translation with a highly effective fluency rate of more than 97%. Alorica Clear is an integral part of the technology-infused offerings by Alorica IQ – the company’s digital and innovation practice focused on user experience design, technology solutions and analytics. 

“Our vision at Alorica IQ is to reimagine the customer experience with a digital-first mindset that delivers tangible outcomes for customers and CX operators worldwide,” explained Harry Folloder, Alorica’s Chief Digital Officer. “Whatever technology we innovate and implement has to align with our clients’ growth strategies, exceed their customers’ evolving expectations and best support an efficient workforce. And then to be able to do it in real time, cost effectively, easily and at scale…that’s the beauty of this transformative tool. Alorica ReVoLT is a revolutionary shift from the way multilingual CX has historically been delivered, enabling brands to offer service much more quickly, accurately and seamlessly as they extend their support operations, enter new markets and engage an increasingly diverse audience.” 

With this exclusive technology, brands can offer enhanced personalization and localization through varied language support, ensuring consistent and high-quality assistance, while reducing operational costs by up to 50%. CX providers can streamline processes, improve the quality of delivery and decrease expenses simultaneously. For example, eliminating the need for agent accent neutralization training saves two to three days of training costs. And a single CX expert now has the ability to provide real-time multilingual support in many languages from anywhere in the world while speaking in their native tongue. Agents can perform better, faster and more efficiently by focusing on service delivery versus struggling through communication hurdles.   

“We’ve all experienced how language barriers and misses of cultural nuance can negatively impact customer interactions. We decided to address this issue as our clients are increasingly focused on global expansion. This first-to-market product helps our clients around the world scale their operations in a simple way while increasing customer satisfaction and improving employee engagement,” shared Max Schwendner, Alorica’s Co-CEO. “Through our leading Alorica IQ team, we’re able to offer award-winning digital capabilities to accelerate clients’ growth, enhance their processes and deepen their relationships with customers. The progress we’re experiencing with ReVoLT is phenomenal – in fact, we think so highly of this technology that we’re not only rapidly deploying it with some of the most trusted and fastest-growing brands, we’ve also implemented it internally to improve our infrastructure.” 

“We are pleased to award Alorica ‘Best AI-based Solution for Customer Service’ for their transformative AI-driven approach in reshaping the entire CX landscape,” said Steve Johansson, Managing Director, AI Breakthrough. “They have set a new gold standard for customer-centric innovation, and this acknowledgement is a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.” 

Experience Alorica ReVoLT’s exclusive capabilities here.



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