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Trust & Safety

Protect your customers from bad actors, scams, fraud, content abuse and account takeovers
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Cyber-attacks, online customer data fraud, content mishandling and identity theft are all on the rise. Criminals are adapting their methods to the times – and you need a partner that understands how to detect and prevent fraud and mitigate content abuse. 
Prepare for the unexpected with a safe and secure CX journey that prevents accounts from being compromised and shields users from content abuse, bad actors, and scams.
Create a community of ambassadors by giving them a safe place to interact and transact—free from harassment, violence, and fraud.
Loyalty & Engagement
Loyalty & Engagement
Alorica’s Trust & Safety solutions help clients reduce fraud losses without negatively affecting their customer experience.
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Results You Can Measure


FTE ramp across three regions with less than 2% attrition across 11 moderation and labeling queues


Fraud cases resolved annually

1 billion

Pieces of content moderated annually from users in ~35 countries in 17 languages


Reduction in fraud losses for a computer technology company


Recognized for Content Moderation, Trust & Safety in NelsonHall’s 2021 NEAT evaluation for Social Media CX Services


Saved for a large banking client

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