Automated Discovery

Otto the Discovery BotTM ushers in a new digital era of productivity with Automated Discovery

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Who’s Otto and what’s a Discovery Bot?

Otto is Alorica’s Discovery Bot—a robotic tool that quickly identifies
tasks, activities, and processes best suited for automation. By performing automated time and motion studies, Otto identifies friction-prone processes and isolates which ones are ideal for automation; the recommendations are subsequently scaled to improve enterprise-wide productivity.
Otto provides insights using objective and actionable data from team members’ computers to fully understand how agents are allocating their time and identify areas of redundancy, backlogs and other bottlenecks.
But why use a bot? Because with manual observation, it’s more
time-consuming and difficult to eliminate bias. As a Discovery Bot,
Otto quickly sorts through millions of data points to evaluate every
keystroke – providing the most comprehensive assessment of
process efficiency.

How Does Otto Operate?

  • Records Activity: Otto runs in the background on team members’ machines, recording their interactions as they complete tasks and leverage business applications.
  • Prepares for Process Mapping & Recommendations: A digital dashboard displays a visual map of each process (and its variants), which results in ROI-driven recommendations.
  • Translates Data: Data collected by Otto is compiled in a discovery database and prepared for analysis.
  • Applies Algorithm & Machine Learning: Our AI engine then crunches the data to create behavioral understanding of workflows, all the while, getting smarter and more effective.
  • Automates at the Click of a Button: The process is converted to an automated workflow (unattended, attended or hybrid).
  • Enables Process Selection: Our expert business analysts validate the automation-readiness.

Why You Oughta Try Otto

Ability to pinpoint the right areas for automation

Accelerated development of automation

Improve the efficiency, accuracy, and measurement of your CX delivery

Reduction of regulatory and compliance risks

Full, detailed visibility to drive continuous process improvements

Alorica’s Otto is Pretty Much Awesome Because...

  • Alorica already knows your systems and workflows (we have experience with your technology—even the firewalls!), and we know how to implement automation quickly and seamlessly.
  • We’ve got humans to back up our bot. The Alorica Solutions team will build, validate and deploy the automated processes to address findings.
  • We understand agent workflows and how to improve efficiencies like no one’s business (because it literally is OUR business!)
  • We’re your digital CX partner to provide fast and accurate deployment—cloud-based without any system integrations required.
  • We rely on Otto too, and not just to help our clients! We trust Otto with identifying where we need to automate in our day-to-day business for payroll, back-office tasks, training, hiring, coaching, network management…and more!

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