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Meet AVA, the Alorica Virtual AssistantTM. AVA delivers speed, efficiency and accuracy—and gives your customers the ability to seamlessly connect with your brand 24/7.


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Building tomorrow—one chat at a time.

61% of consumers see chatbots as the way of the future—and it’s no surprise why1. The ability to engage with any brand, any time, from any device and to resolve any number of issues is undeniably a game changer. But AI chatbots don’t just make a customer’s life easier; they also deliver significant cost savings to businesses and provide continuity with 24/7 availability.

By 2025, 85% of interactions will exist without person-to-person communication2

64% of internet users say 24-hour service is the best feature of chatbots3

First-call resolution improves by as many as seven points when chatbots are used

The brains of the operation

AVA is a Cognitive Chatbot—meaning she can handle multiple inquiry types, serve a myriad of specific business purposes and achieve the desired outcomes for all kinds of scenarios.
80% of customer inquiries drive 20% of all outreach.
We help you identify that 20%—and tee up those requests to AVA.
Choose your own AVA adventure!
You don’t have just one kind of customer—so why should you have just one kind of customer support solution? We feature three levels of AVA Virtual Assistant support to tackle every challenge that comes your way:

  • Simple: with an easy, rules-based FAQ/Query approach, your customers have instant access to the most common questions
  • Advanced: tailored responses to customer queries provides a more personal touch
  • Complex: pre-process data for the most human interactions with the combined power of AI and machine learning capabilities

Our team of experts is here to help you find the right solution for your needs—and as your needs grow, AVA will grow with you…every step of the way.

Better customer outcomes with AVA

Give your customers the ability to connect with your brand—when, where and how they want. Using artificial intelligence and natural language processing technologies, AVA helps businesses elevate the customer experience across all digital channels.


By automating high-frequency, low-to-mid complexity interactions, companies can provide improved service while lowering costs, and enjoy increased customer retention, loyalty and spend.


This capable and conversational solution is what today’s customers expect. It’s what forward-thinking businesses need to deploy. And it’s what AVA delivers.

Results you can measure


Cost savings compared to traditional CX channels


Accuracy achieved (near-human-level)

4 weeks

Tuning (learning) time as low as four weeks—depending on chatbot complexity

Alorica + AVA: driving your business forward

You want to streamline operations, while taking your customer experience to the next level. We understand where you’re coming from because we have the same needs, too. And we rely on AVA to make our business the best it can be.

1. Marketplace Experts
: We know the market, industry and your business. We recognize your challenges. And we’re at-the-ready with strategic solutions that can be implemented quickly to improve outcomes.

2. Digital CX Solutionists:
We process 2 billion customer interactions every single year, so we’ve learned from plenty of experience which ones are ideal for automation.

3. Balance:
We provide a powerful combination of people, process, and technology. Chatbots are only as intelligent as the people engineering them and with the support of our Alorica team we can flex between digital and non-digital solutions.

4. Think Digital First:
Digital isn’t a supplement—it’s the solution. At Alorica, digital drives our approach and moves your business forward improving your overall CX.

5. Full 360° Approach:
We’re not just a one-off bot provider. We’re your embedded strategic partner thinking about your overall CX and bringing the most robust offering that tech partners can’t.
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