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Organizing, analyzing, and presenting proactive trends and insights—combining structured and unstructured data into a single narrative—to help clients make smarter decisions in real-time

Desired Outcomes…Delivered

Actionable Insights: Gain deeper insights that enhance performance and drive loyalty

Growth: Take your business to the next level with analytics that optimize performance and increase revenue

Efficiency & Optimization: Apply predictive modeling and advanced analytics to maximize performance and your ROI

Customer Experience Analytics

Transform ‘pretty good’ one-off interactions to ‘insanely great’ brand-loyal experiences with the right data analytics

Our specialized CX analytics team expertly gleans multi-dimensional data for actionable insights that enhances performance, improves the customer experience, increases revenues, and drives loyalty.

  • Interaction Analytics and insights (speech & text)
  • Voice of Customer (VOC) and sentiment analysis
  • Performance Impact Analysis:
    • First Contact Resolution (FCR), repeat caller and contact driver/volume trends
    • AHT reduction analytics and recommendations
  • Fraud detection analytics and process/regulatory compliance adherence audits

Results you can measure.


annual savings from reduction of repeat callers


increase in First Contact Resolution 


decrease in customer cancellations


increase in Voice of Customer score

Predictive Analytics

Anticipate the customer’s next move, optimize your performance, and grow your business.


Alorica’s data scientists focus on data mining and predictive modeling to streamline processes and increase revenues, including:

  • Customer Segmentation and profiling to improve outreach strategies
  • Propensity Modeling for customer likelihood to pay, purchase or reconnect
  • Attrition Scoring to predict and prevent customer churn
  • Speed-to-Proficiency Assessment to baseline, benchmark, predict and improve agent proficiency

Results you can measure.


increase in subscriber saves from segmentation and “likelihood to reconnect” propensity modeling


drop in high-risk agent churn rate, with intervention actions for those predicted as most likely to leave


additional annual revenue for the client from 30% increase in sales conversions by using predictive analytics

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