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Cultivating a community that your customers love and trust

The internet, a virtual destination where anyone can share anything at anytime—a place where billions of people are gathering every second for entertainment, advocacy, dating, and other social interactions. Alorica, an industry leader in community moderation and content management, is ready to engage and protect your members, promote your brand and build your community.

Where They Belong and Want to Stay

We share a common goal: we want your members to stay connected with your brand. That’s why you want to give loyal subscribers a safe and trusted online community where they can express themselves freely, get their issues resolved immediately, promote their business superbly, and much more.
Alorica has a track record of increasing user engagement and satisfaction, while safeguarding your loyalists from scammers and malicious content. And we can do all that seamlessly while preparing to pivot or scale whenever you need. We’re (always) ready when you are.

Our Services

  • Content Moderation: Members in your online community are safe from abuse and disturbing or illegal content because our experts (don’t try this at home!) enforce guidelines based on intent, context, and appropriateness.
  • Content Management: Leave it to us to promote your business just right. We’ll help you elevate your content, optimize your algorithms, respond like a rockstar to customer reviews, and ensure you get the bang for your ad bucks.
  • Trust & Safety: We passionately protect customer data—we’re on the hunt for any malicious users and potential fraud, validating suspected activity, and halting usage from the “bad guys”.

1 billion pieces of content moderated annually including video, audio, imagery, text, transcription, live stream, online gaming, and digital advertising

$1+ million in cost savings per month by supporting customers in online community channels

Moderating content from users across 35+ countries, 17 languages, and multiple cultures

Recognized as a Leader for Content Moderation, Trust & Safety in NelsonHall’s 2021 NEAT evaluation for Social Media CX Services

Who you bring into your community makes all the difference.

  • Our clients get extensive, efficient, and flexible support from us day in, day out. We’re the partner who ramped 2,000 content moderators in 15 languages across 3 countries within a few short months for one of our clients!
  • Ever-growing, multi-dimensional content is constantly being evaluated through AI, but you need real people moderating, labeling and applying market-specific policies to discern what the machines can’t pick up.
  • Taking care of your community members begins with supporting the people taking care of them. Clients benefit from our award-winning culture and employee engagement. Our content moderators have access to mental health resources and resiliency services whenever they need, including licensed therapists and counselors.

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