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The AI Synergies of Alorica & Crescendo

Authored By: Harry Folloder | Chief Digital Officer


I am energized by the magnitude and velocity in which emerging technologies are completely changing the customer experience (CX) landscape. Today’s announcement of the creation of Crescendo—an early-stage technology firm focused on building an AI-native platform for contact centers—is a prime example of Alorica’s strategic partnership efforts to stay ahead of the industry and create competitive advantages through access to, and integration of, best-of-breed technology. Our mission is to work closely with clients to capitalize on leveraging people, process and technology to reinvent their customer journey whether it is in providing strategy, managed services, design, deployment or infrastructure optimization. Our investment alongside General Catalyst, a leading venture capital firm, will enable Crescendo to create AI-first playbooks for automation and digital resolution for repetitive contact center use cases with a focus on key vertical expertise.

Not only is Alorica investing in Crescendo, but I’m particularly proud that our Executive Chairman Andy Lee is involved in guiding this team as Crescendo’s Executive Chairman. Andy is constantly looking for groundbreaking technologies, partnerships and investments for Alorica to continue leading the market in CX solutions, and this is the next big step of that mission. This synergy enables Alorica to maintain our focus on delivering performance excellence in today’s market while being in the driver’s seat to transform where the industry goes from here.

Alorica and Crescendo strive to achieve the same end goal—make the CX journey more effective and efficient while enhancing the workforce’s experience. With Crescendo, there’s an opportunity for Alorica, and especially my Alorica IQ team, to help guide requirements, validate outcomes and partner with their expert team to ensure the technology is being crafted in ways that will benefit our clients’ transformation journeys. As a global market-leading BPO, it is critical that we continue to collaborate with key technology partners, and Crescendo promises to help accelerate our delivery of digital solutions for clients and enable our agents for the future. Straight out of the gate, we’ll have first access to the platform and new features as well as incentives to participate in their pilots, which will only benefit our clients and employees along our journey.

But the two companies are fundamentally different in their approaches. While Alorica IQ’s objective is to deliver insanely great outcomes for its customers now with the latest technologies, Crescendo is focused on the industry’s future transformational needs by leveraging tomorrow’s technologies. Through Alorica IQ, we are helping to guide customers along their journey from their current state to a future state where AI is embedded in all facets of delivery. Crescendo is focused on building those future state solutions and overcoming the barriers to adoption. It’s critical to work both these strategies in parallel. Although there is a lot of investment in AI right now, the way the technology is applied will take time to mature, especially in larger, complex operations. Our aim is to accelerate our speed to market by implementing innovation roadmaps with our clients, while investing in a small, specialized team to create a product outside of our core in an incubator type fashion.

There’s usually more than one way to get to the final destination; at Alorica, we’re focused on crafting the talent, technologies and operations to build AI solutions, faster than anyone else. That’s how Andy led the industry for 25 years, committed to ensuring Alorica always stays ahead of opportunities for CX transformation. So, Alorica IQ charges forward, applying new innovations and technology to transforming CX delivery for our hundreds of valued clients around the world, while investing in the most promising technologies of the future.

Crescendo, carry on and let’s deliver on the promise of AI together!

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