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It’s All About Making an Impact

Alorica delivers customer service on behalf of the world’s largest and most respected brands, but we are so much more than a leading CX provider. We are a company of people, a company of ethics and a company that believes our first responsibility is to ensure that every Alorican is engaged, inspired and nurtured to succeed.  

As Alorica’s Chief Culture Officer, I don’t take this responsibility lightly. And I know everything we do starts with our Core Values: Be Connected. Be Bold. Be Relentless. Be True. With COVID-19 forcing many of us to work full-time from our homes, these values have taken on an even greater significance. They’ve kept us united even as we physically work apart, and we’ve taken them to heart as we continue to deliver insanely great customer service for many essential businesses—including contact tracing, food delivery and content moderation.  

As a minority-owned business, Alorica understands and can relate to the challenges faced by underserved populations and communities. It’s why we stand up for those less fortunate, and it’s what led us to launch TIDE: Together for Inclusion, Diversity & Equity. We’ve created regional TIDE Teams that lead local sites in conversations about the causes and issues that matter most to them. We’ve facilitated respectful, fair and open dialogues about tough issues like racism, bias, sexual and gender identity, mental health and more. And through them all, we’ve learned about our people. We’ve listened to their stories. And we’ve grown—together.  

We take great pride in empowering our people to care for one another. Our non-profit partner, Making Lives Better with Alorica (MLBA), has supported team members around the world in times of crisis. Instead of corporate headquarters dictating where to give charitable contributions, each of our chapters has the autonomy to support their local communities—and to-date, we’ve given out almost $5M in grants in six different countries! Over the course of the pandemic, it has been our duty and privilege to donate time and resources to our local communities—supporting causes and individuals in need.  

All of these programs are certainly good for the soul—but are they good for the business? In one emphatic word, YES! Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives have had a tremendous effect on Alorica’s ability to hire and retain top talent. We’re committed to Impact Sourcing—through which we support economically-disadvantaged communities by offering local residents career opportunities. Giving people the chance to earn a living, support their families and make a difference in their neighborhoods is what it’s all about; people naturally want to work for companies that do the right thing—and so what’s good for the community is also good for the bottom line.  

And it’s not just our people that care about our efforts—our partners do too! Many of our clients also make strong commitments to CSR, and they want to team up with like-minded corporations. When culture and views on social responsibility align, great partnerships are forged—and we have been extremely fortunate to foster incredible relationships based on shared values.  

Being insanely great starts with being exceptionally responsible, and it’s an honor to lead Alorica’s efforts in serving the common good. I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved in a short amount of time, but we’ve only just begun—and there are awesome things to come!

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