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The Best of Both Worlds: Excelling Globally, Expanding Locally

Authored By: Sanjay Ponnappa

In today’s dynamic market, Alorica India has the benefit of being both big and small at the same time – a unique duality that differentiates us from our competitors. Alorica’s 25 years in business and a global presence in 19 countries with a team of over 100,000 solutionists positions us as a big player in the CX (customer experience) industry, while coexisting with our role as somewhat of a newcomer in India. Why is this a positive for clients and employees?

As part of a well-established BPO brand recognized for its industry leadership, we have the resources, experience, scale and reach of a large corporation. This enables us to deliver operational excellence and serve as a strategic partner to our clients. It also allows us to engage our employees and support their growth. Simultaneously, we’re agile and innovative as a founder-led organization that launched in the country merely five years ago, focused on doing things faster and smarter than it’s been done before, which is a plus for clients and jobseekers looking for a company that’s bold and forward focused. Alorica India has thrived by seamlessly blending the best of both worlds, and I’m proud of the strides we’ve made to earn a name for ourselves in the Indian CX space.

A few key milestones achieved:

  • Consistent double-digit year over year growth
  • Expansion into a major city—Mohali—in addition to our existing Bangalore site
  • Employee satisfaction score at 80+, exceeding the industry's high standard of 70
  • Securing globally renowned brands as our clients across key sectors – BFSI, retail, telecommunications, e-commerce, logistics, tech support
  • Delivering end-to-end solutions including voice, chat, and back-office operations
  • 30% yearly growth in client base
  • Hired 3,000+ locals in 2023, with 26% sourced through employee referrals

At the core of Alorica’s success as a people company is its award-winning culture. For example, here in India, we provide benefits such as paid training, leadership development programs, comprehensive medical coverage, and bonuses. We maintain a designated Culture Committee that hosts activities to connect with employees beyond work through sports tournaments, sufi musical nights, and weekly wellness sessions.

Recently, we introduced our newest Connection Club—an Employee Resource Group (ERG) - called Shutterbug, for all our photography enthusiasts. These clubs are part of Alorica’s Together for Inclusion, Diversity and Equity (TIDE) program, which provides employees with more opportunities to collaborate through common advocacy causes and interests.

While our culture sets us apart as an employer of choice, another key differentiator is our digital-first approach to CX through Alorica IQ, which is based out of our Bengaluru office. Alorica IQ is the company’s global innovation lab, where our team of digital experts curates advanced AI embedded solutions to optimize the customer journey.

I believe Alorica India stands out because we’re able to do it all. We have the opportunity to service customers on behalf of the most progressive brands in the world while integrating emerging tech, designed here locally, to guide our clients through all phases of digital transformation. Not only that, but we create thousands of jobs and invest in our employees, who then can make a bigger impact on the community. To lead an organization like Alorica India—that’s both big and small—where we can accomplish all these things is quite a privilege. And we could not do any of it without our incredibly talented and committed team members. So, thank you Aloricans for bringing your best in every interaction. Happy Employee Appreciation Day!



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