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Alorica and Automation Anywhere Join Forces to Redefine Industry-Leading Customer Experience (CX) Solutions

Published on February 22, 2024

With unparalleled automation capabilities powered by GenAI, the partnership will deliver optimized efficiencies and business outcomes, while significantly improving customer and employee experiences

 IRVINE, Calif., Feb. 22 2023—Alorica, a global leader of next-generation customer experience solutions, announced today a new partnership with Automation Anywhere, a leader in Intelligent Automation that puts artificial intelligence (AI) to work across every aspect of an organization. With Automation Anywhere’s leading capabilities in GenAI-powered Intelligent Automation, Alorica will seamlessly integrate its customer-centric approach, forging a powerhouse alliance that aims to improve efficiency, personalization, simplicity and satisfaction simultaneously. This collaboration further strengthens the suite of technology-enabled offerings by Alorica IQ – the company’s digital foundry focused on delivering outcome-based solutions that map and solve customer pain points, transforming the customer’s journey through next-level Customer Experience Management (CXM) services.

"Alorica IQ’s mission is to apply technology to push the boundaries of what's possible now, so that it becomes the CX gold standard in the future. Partnering with Automation Anywhere furthers our relentless commitment to set a new benchmark in customer service,” said Harry Folloder, Chief Digital Officer, Alorica. “This is a huge step toward advancing our business transformation strategy for clients, enabling brands to win more effectively with their customers with less effort in the long run. Our vision is to expand the adoption of our GenAI solutions across the CXM industry to significantly increase CX employee satisfaction while gaining customer trust and loyalty.”

Automation Anywhere will support thousands of Alorica employees in delivering exceptional results for its global clients in diverse industries including retail, logistics, banking and healthcare. Supported by Automation Anywhere’s transformative Intelligent Automation platform, Alorica will enhance processes and elevate CX with quicker response times and personalized interactions across multiple channels.

“Our partnership gives Alorica the power of our Intelligent Automation platform to reimagine the future of customer service and contact center experiences,” said Mihir Shukla, CEO and Co-Founder, Automation Anywhere. “Our collaboration empowers Alorica to deploy next-generation CX solutions for companies, leveraging GenAI to significantly enhance customer experiences for Alorica’s clients and their end-user customers.”

The partnership enables human-in-the-loop Intelligent Automation solutions for more complex contact center response situations that would benefit from GenAI, such as advanced image recognition, complex quote generation or handling of multiple intents in a conversational AI model with end-user customers. Additionally, Alorica IQ and Automation Anywhere have set up a dedicated taskforce for joint go-to-market efforts, combining their expertise to provide tailored automation solutions that meet the unique needs of shared customers and create future-ready GenAI-powered service offerings.



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