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Introducing Alorica ReVoLT

Real-Time Voice Language Translation

Published on February 28, 2024
Introducing Alorica Revolt, a Breakthrough Technology Enabling Real-Time Voice Translation for 75 Languages and 200 Dialects, a Game Changer in Multilingual CX Delivery

IRVINE, Calif., Feb. 29, 2024—Alorica Inc., a global customer experience (CX) leader, announced today the launch of its Real-time Voice Language Translation (Alorica ReVoLT), effectively eliminating language barriers during live customer interactions. This offering is the centerpiece of Alorica Clear, an AI-powered solution suite that revolutionizes the way businesses communicate with their global customer base through seamless voice language translation, accent localization and background noise cancellation. The services are enabled by an exclusive linguistic processing platform that applies AI to offer translation capabilities designed for multilingual CX across digital and voice channels.

As companies personalize and localize their customer experiences, they face language barriers and cultural nuances that complicate operations and challenge ROI. Alorica ReVoLT removes these pain points by providing real-time, bi-directional voice translation in 75 languages. By integrating this technology, organizations can stand up their service operations anywhere and support customers across the globe in their native language, improving service and reducing costs by up to 50%.

“The demand for multilingual service is exploding due to an increasingly interconnected world where brands engage consumers through personalized experiences,” stated Mike Clifton, Alorica’s Co-CEO. “Customers place high value on localization, but CX leaders are struggling to efficiently scale their contact centers across multiple geographies. Multilingual support has historically required fragmented queues or locations, which adds complexity and cost while reducing quality. Alorica ReVoLT is our strategic response to this growing need, empowering our clients to deliver centralized, effective and culturally sensitive customer support while achieving significant savings and improved service."

According to industry data, 29% of businesses cite losing customers because they did not offer multilingual support, and 70% of end users say they feel more loyal to companies that provide services in their native language. Alorica Clear enriches customer interactions and enhances business outcomes through the transformative power of AI, machine translation and large language models.

The Alorica Clear solution suite eliminates friction in global CX delivery through:

  • Real Time Voice Translation – Alorica ReVoLT provides bi-directional voice translation, grammar correction and transcription for 75 languages and 200 dialects with high scalability and security.
  • Digital Translation – Supporting over 100 languages and dialects, agents can seamlessly deliver multilingual digital transactions via chat, email and documents.
  • Multilingual Cognitive Assistant – Interprets and resolves inquiries digitally in over 100 languages and is uniquely trained to brand voice and objectives.
  • Accent Localization – Mitigates agents' accents during live interactions, adapting to the natural language of the customer to ensure comprehension.
  • Noise Cancellation  Eliminates background noise and distractions, tailored to Alorica Anywhere, the company’s work-at-home solution.

“We believe language personalization is one of the most compelling applications of this exclusive technology, removing longstanding barriers to providing localized service with high quality and efficiency. Real-time voice language translation embodies our commitment to seamless and effective customer experiences, regardless of language differences.” shared Clifton.

Alorica Clear joins the portfolio of technology-infused offerings by Alorica IQ – the company’s digital and innovation practice focused on user experience design, technology solutions and analytics. Experience our exclusive Alorica ReVoLT capabilities here.


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