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Setting agents up for success from the first point of contact.


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Consistently delivering insanely great customer experiences

Your business is growing faster and faster. You’ve got more customers now than ever, with agents and managers that need all the help they can get.

With Alorica’s Agent Assist, you can anticipate customers’ needs and empower your agents through real-time, next best actions. Agent Assist—we’re calling her AVATM for short—creates a better and more consistent customer experience using artificial intelligence (AI). And, it helps you reduce agent and manager effort while increasing productivity and customer satisfaction scores—all from the same interface.
How awesome is that?
AVA Agent Assist is a conversational guide that harnesses the power of AI to help agents resolve complex issues. And for implementing new policies, best practices, and new product support, AVA is everything.
By proactively recommending the next best actions in real-time, AVA helps customer support agents always stay one step ahead for exceptional, consistent, and frictionless results. With AVA Agent Assist, your agents get the help they need right when they need it, with the just-in-time information your customers are counting on.

Reducing agent effort while putting customers first

Insanely great customer experiences start with agents having the answers they need at their fingertips. No more searching for answers on your customers’ time!
With one simple interface, AVA Agent Assist eliminates time wasted searching and browsing. Instead, AVA proactively delivers information and the next best actions—what agents need, when they need it.

Delivering ‘Right-First-Time’ customer support

With AVA’s real-time guidance, your customers get the results they want—from the first contact.

  • Better speed-to-proficiency increases first-contact resolution, mitigates errors, and creates a consistent customer experience

  • Increase efficiency and handle time with real-time error identification for reduced training efforts and manual supervision so your team can focus on what they do best—and let AVA handle the rest!

Minimizing the need for manual supervision


Keeping customers happy is a team effort. And managers and supervisors spend almost as much time on the front lines as agents to ensure customer satisfaction.
With AVA Agent Assist on your team, your agents get the answers they need, freeing up managers to focus on your business.

Choose your own AVA adventure!


You don’t have just one kind of customer—so why should you have just one kind of customer support solution?
We feature three levels of AVA Agent Assist support to tackle every challenge that comes your way:

  • Simple: A zero—integration, rules-based FAQ/Query bot that enables your agents to have instant access to the most common customer questions and guidance on their internal processes—powered by an underlying knowledge base that is specifically built for this purpose
  • Advanced: An enhanced approach that integrates with existing knowledge management systems and tools that your agents use today, but provides a new, conversational way for them to access the knowledge they need
  • Complex: An agent assist bot that leverages AI and machine learning with real-time interaction data to provide contextual recommendations for the agent or customer’s next best action with process guidance. When paired with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate manual clicks and keystrokes, you then have a complex agent assist solution that delivers on desired outcomes for both your customers and your business.

The Many Faces of AVA

AVA Agent Assist empowers agents to deliver the kind of support that keeps customers happy—and coming back for more by providing the following support for the agent.

Next-best actions and real-time shortcuts proactively put your customers’ needs first

SmartNotes and automatic data entry systematically recognizes and updates all key interaction impacts into conversation notes

In-app automations perform tasks and capture customer information inside any integrated application—without leaving the AVA Agent Assist interface

Script adherence monitoring makes it easy to manage customer conversations with suggested corrections to ensure agents stay on script

Escalation assistance identifies warning signs early, providing automated escalation summary points to safeguard customer satisfaction

Trust us. We’re experts.
(Plus, we use AVA too!)


You have agents across the globe and want to streamline operations while taking your customer satisfaction scores to the next level. We have the people, tools, and technology to help get you there.

  • We understand where you’re coming from because we have the same needs, too. And we rely on AVA Agent Assist to make our business the best it can be.
  • We process 2 billion customer interactions every single year, so we’ve learned from plenty of experience which ones are ideal for automation.
  • AVA Agent Assist ingests both structured and unstructured data supporting all file types for our R&D teams to review results and identify every opportunity to increase speed and capacity.
  • AVA can incorporate speech and text analytics to rapidly train and optimize.
  • And we include agents in our own R&D processes—because we know from experience that when you partner technology with people, you get exceptional results every time.

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