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Lead with Authenticity: How to Create a Work Culture Your Employees Call Truly Supportive

Published on July 19, 2023

Discover your greatest power as a leader to empower your people

In an industry where helping others is at the core, authenticity and genuine support for employees have become absolute must-haves. As employers, we hold a significant responsibility for our employees' well-being. It's not just about providing professional development; it's about creating an environment that's real and supportive when they need it most, whether it’s on their first day or during a season of change. In a recent episode of the 'Well, technically...' podcast, our Chief Culture Officer Joyce Lee and President and Global Head of Alorica Trust & Safety Colleen Beers shared their insights on how their personal experiences as mothers and women leaders have shaped their leadership styles and enabled them to stay focused on empowering teams every step of the employee journey. Their candid conversation sheds light on the power of supportive leadership for personal and professional growth, making it a must-listen for leaders everywhere.

A couple of highlights from their discussion:

  • Crisis strikes when we least expect it, and it can leave employees and their communities in a bind with no options when they desperately need it. At Alorica, we take proactive measures to provide essential support, acting as a lifeline during these challenging times through our nonprofit partner Making Lives Better with Alorica (MLBA). As part of MLBA, Alorica employees have raised nearly $8M and awarded 13,000 grants to those in need around the world since 2015.
  • Representation matters. Having support systems and relatable role models in leadership positions are crucial. It helps our employees feel seen, valued, and motivated to strive for excellence. At Alorica, 70% of our U.S. workforce are comprised of minorities and 60% of our global workforce are women, along with half of the 5,000 employees promoted in 2022—and we’ve gotten industry awards for it!
  • We prioritize active listening and value our employees' perspectives—fostering authenticity and embracing uniqueness. Through initiatives like TIDE (Together for Inclusion, Diversity & Equity) and Hypercare, we create an inclusive environment where meaningful contributions are appreciated, and employees have a platform to engage in interactive discussions and provide ongoing feedback from their first day.

Don't miss out on hearing and learning from two fabulous female leaders on the true power of leadership and building the kind of culture that employees really want:



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