Alorica Automation

Transforming the customer experience through automation and process re-engineering

Next-gen digital CX, engineered by Alorica

Intelligent automation isn’t just about technology—it’s about what technology helps people do
With Alorica’s Robotic & Cognitive Automation (R&CA) strategies, you can help integrate, unify and transform processes, leading to happier agents, happier clients and—most importantly—happier customers

Desired Outcomes…Delivered

With Alorica’s automation expertise doing all the heavy lifting, there’s nothing standing between you and your organizational goals

Efficiency & Optimization
Remove friction to maximize your CX investments, performance, and ROI

Continuity &
Risk Management
Prepare for the unexpected with a CX journey protected by design to give you peace of mind

Growth & Revenue
We specialize in rapid market expansion, empowering customer growth, and increasing profitability

Intelligent automation…the Alorica way

At Alorica, digital drives our approach and moves your business forward, improving your overall CX exponentially.
Alorica has over 20 years of experience and 2B+ interactions each year, with a pedigree built on voice and back-office support. And every service we provide is rooted in a deep understanding of your business.
Our automation solutions include:

  • Automated Discovery: A robotic tool that quickly identifies tasks, activities, and processes best suited for automation.
  • Agent Assist: Setting agents up for success from the first point of contact. With Alorica’s Agent Assist, you can anticipate customers’ needs and empower your agents through real-time, next best actions.
  • Virtual Assistants: AVA, the Alorica Virtual AssistantTM delivers speed, efficiency and accuracy—and gives your customers the ability to seamlessly connect with your brand 24/7.
  • RDA/RPA: Robotic automation processes and workflows with guided intelligence help agents meet—and exceed—customer expectations.

Results You Can Measure


Reduction in errors, for near-perfect process handling


Reduction in call handle times


First-Year projected ROI for major consumer electronics manufacturer

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