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A Digital Threat,
A Human Shield

We live in an age where everyone can have an online voice. And that’s generally a great thing—but sometimes, the messages, videos and images posted are malicious, manipulative, false or downright dangerous.

Companies have a lot at stake—reputationally and financially— if they fail to protect the public interest. Brands today are navigating new challenges of community control, intent, authority of decisions and regulatory policies—and maximizing the value of user engagement requires building the trust and confidence of consumers.

Enter Content Moderation—the practice of screening and approving user-generated content (UGC), based on pre-determined guidelines.

92% of consumers trust organic UGC more than they trust traditional advertising

Billions of posts are made each day, in hundreds of languages, across global social media channel

89% of the Actioned Reports for Twitter last year were in the hate, violence and abuse categories

85% of consumers find visual UGC more influential than brand photos or videos

Prioritizing the People Who Protect the Public

When moderators are brought on-board in volume by traditional contact centers, attrition and sub-par performance are typically the result. In contrast, Alorica recognizes the exclusive role moderators play, and makes talent development a priority. We work tirelessly to attract, select and on-board the best-fit candidates, and arm our teams with structured guidance that incorporates the latest in training procedures, and place a strong emphasis on employee well-being:

  • Dedicated, private space ​for content moderation business​
  • Customized floor build-outs​ in 90 to 120 days​
  • Relaxation and wellness areas with licensed therapists and counselors​
  • Atmosphere and workforce management model that promotes satisfaction and wellness—45 minutes of wellness time per day (in addition to breaks and lunches)
  • Virtual therapy sessions for content moderators working from home​

The Alorica Advantage


Flexibility and Scalability

We support our clients with extensive, efficient, flexible resources and a can-do spirit—day in and day out. Alorica teams are flexibile and scalable—in one instance, we ramped 2,000 content moderators in a matter of months, across three countries and 15 languages!

Experience in highly-sensitive trust and safety programs

AI continues to grow in sophistication, and as machines evaluate an ever-growing amount of multi-dimensional content, our talented team is freed up to focus on the deeper levels of a user’s intent. Meanwhile, we have demonstrated experience moderating videos, audio, images, text, live streaming, digital advertising—and more!

An Award-Winning, People-First Culture

We ensure that content moderators are supported with mental health resources and resiliency services whenever they are needed—including access to licensed therapists and counselors. Along with our on-site Culture Champions and Committees, our teams feel cared for, supported and ready to tackle the challenges of Content Moderation—and protect your brand and online community.

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