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Giving Starts with Empowering: 2024 Alorica Philanthropy/MLBA Fact Sheet


Making Lives Better with Alorica (MLBA) is a non-profit organization led by Alorica employees to help those in need around the world. While most companies manage charitable giving from top-down, Alorica’s approach to corporate giving is like none other—we empower our teams to guide our philanthropic efforts, enabling us to make the greatest impact for our employees, their loved ones and communities. 

Alorica employees lead their local MLBA chapters from fundraising, screening grant applications, determining the contribution, issuing funds to reconciling their chapters’ bank accounts. 100% of funds raised by a chapter goes directly to the individuals and organizations selected by that chapter. 

Additionally, when local areas are hit hard by natural disasters or other crises, MLBA assists impacted employees, families and communities through our Disaster Relief Fund.   

Along with offering support and encouragement at every touchpoint of the organization, Alorica provides the administrative resources required to fuel this giving program as part of its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives, oftentimes also recognized as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Take a look at some of the ways MLBA is making a difference: 

  • Homelessness Prevention—MLBA has stepped in to prevent evictions 

  • Medical Assistance—MLBA provides assistance when medical bills become overwhelming 

  • Disaster Relief—Over $342,000 raised to date when natural disasters strike 

  • Funeral Expenses—We’ve been able to assist during the most trying times 

  • Community Enrichment—We partnered with 80 local nonprofits in 2023 to support underserved populations—people with disabilities, abandoned elderly, and vulnerable women and children 


Download the Philanthropy/MLBA Fact Sheet to read about Alorica’s approach to corporate giving.

Want to help make lives better too? Or do you—or someone you know—need help? To get involved with MLBA or to apply for aid, please visit—and be sure to read some of our incredible stories at  


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