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100,000 employees with thousands of work-at-home agents. 15 countries. 12 time zones. One planet—for now.


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A distributed, future-ready workforce.

Alorica delivers market recommendations on the best-fit geographies based on capabilities, cost-effectiveness, and business needs.
And our full-service delivery models have you covered with high-touch, collaborative, culture-focused environments, best-in-class performance and robust, scalable infrastructure.

North America

Exceptional customer experience outsourcing solutions—right here at home.

A vast amount of BPO and customer service experience is only useful if those capabilities can be deployed where they are needed most. Alorica has the largest U.S. footprint of any North American provider, to ensure our clients maintain streamlined operations, efficiency and flexibility. We operate from locations that boast a scalable, highly-skilled workforce to support clients across all industries, service types and channels.

  • Largest provider serving North American consumers, with unmatched scalability
  • Geographically-varied locations provide business continuity and a broad range of cost options
  • Burstable staffing for rapid deployments across North American locations and our Alorica Anywhere work-at-home cloud-based platform cloud-based platform
  • Support complex and specialized roles with an established workforce

Latin America and the Caribbean

Cost-effective outsourcing solutions, closer than you think.

Same time zone. Same culture. Amazing ROI. The perfect “bridge market”, Latin American and Caribbean locations offer a full complement of services. We continue to expand our Latin America footprint to best support our clients, currently operating across eight countries: Colombia, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Panama and Uruguay.

  • Geographically-varied locations provide business continuity and a broad range of cost options
  • Physical proximity and cultural integration with the U.S., with strong English and Spanish language capabilities
  • Political stability among the multiple countries and governments decreases exposure to sudden changes in economics and delivery options


Explore offshore solutions that make you feel right at home—from oceans away.

With an educated workforce, a robust and reliable technology infrastructure and lower operational costs, Asia-Pacific sites deliver insanely great customer experiences across a diverse set of verticals. Discover our business process and call center outsourcing locations in China, Japan, India and the Philippines —and learn why this part of the world is best-suited for outsourcing solutions.

  • Scalable, cost-competitive solutions for companies looking to globalize their business
  • Solid brand reputation and successful recruitment engine have proven best-fits for large-scale English voice delivery in the Philippines
  • Ideal for back-office work with a cost-effective, tech-savvy and highly motivated workforce
  • Expertise in multi-lingual Asian language support


Unique, multi-lingual customer experience solutions.

Alorica’s unique distinctive European outsourcing capabilities offer a combination of infrastructure access, strong connectivity, an educated talent pool with tremendous multi-lingual capabilities, and a tenured, in-country management team. Our offering in Sofia, Bulgaria is a perfect complement for partners looking for an educated, tech-savvy workforce.

  • Strongest European language multi-lingual support, with the ability to provide care in over 20 languages
  • Well-developed infrastructure with information security and privacy regulations in accordance with EU legislation
  • Proximity and cultural integration with major markets in Western Europe
  • Sofia, Bulgaria is a leading global outsourcing and offshoring destination