An industry that changes every day requires a partner that can keep up.


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Technology makes everything possible.

Alorica was built on the premise that technology makes everything possible. And with thousands of professionals ready to provide your customers the best in sales, service and tech and support, we let you focus on what you do best—bringing us the next big thing.

Industry experience and insights.

  • Alorica has more than 100 OEM relationships with the world’s leading tech brands
  • We support nearly every electronics device and appliance in the “connected home”
  • We’re experts in outsourcing, co-sourcing and rebadge solutions for top manufacturers

Tech customer service industry experience and insights.

High-touch prioritization and troubleshooting support minimizes costly product returns

Data-driven intelligence helps refine processes and improves tech customer service outcomes

Self-service technologies and digital channels support your customers across all their devices

Customer experience results you can measure.

  • Achieved $18 million annual savings from CX optimization for a high-tech device manufacturer
  • Reduced tech support call volume by 15% by improving self-service channels for a leading technology OEM
  • Increased NPS® by 11 points by enhancing support queues for an electronics manufacturer

Putting the customer at the center of it all.

  • White glove technical customer support provides a premium customer experience while reducing product returns, call transfers and “dead ends” in the customer journey
  • More than 1,000 of the latest electronic devices in each of our product labs help replicate the customer environment and assist team members to expand their product knowledge
  • Customer Experience Transformation (CxT) services optimize contact channels and identify opportunities to enhance customer loyalty
  • Reverse logistics and parts management for handling electronics repairs, replacement and refurbishment of out-of-warranty products

Transforming Technology

A major consumer electronics manufacturer saw immediate results and saved millions of dollars through a partnership designed to enhance the customer experience and provide better technical support services.

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reduced phone support staffing
awarded CRM Excellence Award for CX Transformation by TMC and Customer magazine
saved, the client reinvested into infrastructure and tools to further improve CX

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